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Friday, June 02, 2006

Bitchin', but at the Same Time I Cannot Follow

On some blogs, I get so annoyed with certain bloggers who bitch all of time. I think of the latest Dixie Chicks CD as I can identify with those gals who are pissed off about our country. But here is my difference:

Artists can bring out points, and so can bloggers. But what are their answers, other than throw money at a situation; they bitch. We need practical solutions. I get tired of folks bitching about every damn thing on my favorite blogs because of fear. Get on it...JRE got tired of fear, and decided to make it work because of his sadness over Wade's death...and now more.


  • benny - I agree with you. People that post only to rant, or only to bitch, in all-caps or with excessive punctuation... it is frustrating to be confronted (and that is an appropriate word, I believe) with such posts when you visit a blog. Ranting is all well and good, it helps to blow off steam when you're good and mad, but the constant negativity is a drain on everyone's spirits.

    I'm hoping that I haven't fallen into that trap, but I fear I might have. =/

    The other downside of getting that worked up is that when you are agitated and fearful, it can be difficult to form cogent thought, and therefore solutions are difficult to formulate.

    There is also the element of helplessness - what can one person do to make this right? Should we even bother? Who would ever listen to we little people? (perhaps that is why they shout!)

    One thinks back to the 2004 primaries, and a little publication titled Real Solutions for America... Maybe one person can't do much, but if we all worked together, our strengths would be magnified.

    And now I'm just not making any sense.

    Sorry for rambling incoherently - I'm literally sick and tired, and life has been in a bit of an uproar recently, so I haven't any solutions to bring you. *heh*

    I guess I really just wanted to say, "Yeah, I agree, it bugs me too" and we'll leave it at that. =)

    By Blogger machka, at 12:12 AM  

  • Machka,

    I can tell you have been through a lot lately. I would be sad too to lose a good colleague.

    I have been guilty of joining in with rants, but I think I can safely say that I don't start nearly every thread with the most negative comments. This blog is certainly trying to point out the positive more than the negative. I guess it has to do with being a manager as much as being a librarian. I support free speech, and I'm always one to point out inconsistencies. But if someone points them out to me, I'm willing to listen. My sense is the ranters we are discussing don't have a clue. It's too bad no one is willing to clue them in either, except me, but as one person pointed out, my inconsistency is also "to get a life". And I will.

    Thanks for your comment and feel free to come back. If you find some nifty stuff to post, let's do it!

    By Blogger benny06, at 7:25 AM  

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    By Blogger machka, at 11:41 PM  

  • Ah, yes - positivity. As we say on LiveJournal, *squee!* =D

    I've been bad about posting things to LJ with just snitty comments attached, but I don't do very many original rants. Something really has to set me off - and then I sound just like those posters on That Blog. *heh*

    I try to keep things positive on the Edwards Fanclub (LOL) - heck, most of my positive stuff ends up there, rather than the Official Blog(tm). I will occas. mention the bad or "less-than-positive" when I find it, but then I try to find something good to say as well, so that I keep everyone's spirits up.

    JRE fangirls are few and far between, no matter where you look, so we should stick together. Strength and safety in numbers, and all.

    I guess I could try making more "Happy-gosh-darn-it!!" entries to the Official Blog. hmm. ;)

    ...And then there was the time I learned how to spell. LOL!! my bad!

    By Blogger machka, at 11:43 PM  

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