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Saturday, September 16, 2006

JRE Buzz (27): Salsa Edition

This is called the Salsa Edition because John Edwards was in Miami yesterday to stump for Jim Davis, who is running for governor in Florida (one of our noteable places since 2000), and according to the St. Petersburg Times, the Boss's song, "The Rising" was playing as Edwards and Davis got on the stage.

Notable is right and was reflected in Davis' comment, "We need to have a governor's election and get a secretary of state who upholds the principle of free and fair elections, and that's as far as I get.''

Here's what Elinor J. Brecher of the Miami Herald reported in her opening paragraph:
At a Jim Davis-Daryl Jones rally in Miami Friday, former senator and vice presidential candidate John Edwards delivered what sounded like a preview of his 2008 presidential stump speech, lamenting how the Iraq war has tarnished America's image and created ``chaos in the world.''

''When there are crises, the world doesn't rally around the United States of America,'' he said at Miami Dade College's downtown Miami Wolfson Campus.

``The world needs to see who we are. You can't lead with just power; you've got to have the moral authority to lead.''

LINK to rest of the article.

The Orlando Sentinel had some other information and quotes to offer:

The future of the world is at stake in the upcoming elections, Edwards said.

"When America doesn't lead, and we are the pre-eminent power on the face of the planet, there is no leader and you look at the result," Edwards told a crowd of about 200. "We have chaos in the world, chaos literally from Egypt to Pakistan."

Edwards said the world is ready for a change and Davis and his running mate, former state Sen. Daryl Jones, can do that for Florida.

"I look at them and I see hope and potential and so much of what is possible in the state of Florida and in America," Edwards said.

Looks like JRE reunited with some of his former staffers, again according to the SPTimes site:
Davis' campaign manager, Jennifer O'Malley, is Edwards' field director in Iowa; his policy director, Tait Sye, was Edwards' old deputy press secretary. Even Davis' senior travel aide, Reggie Hubbard, used to campaign by Edwards' side and hugged his old boss Friday.

Sounds it like a good rally to me in which new and old friends got to meet.


Oh, yes, it's time for Snarkville.

Today's snark is from a LTTE by Jack Moog who penned the following at the Northwest Herald:

"John Edwards, Al Gore and John Kerry all are possible contenders as the Democratic Party's nominee for president in 2008. What do they have in common?

These three are so oleaginous that if you ran them through a wringer, you could squeeze out enough oil to satisfy our national needs for a month. "

I find that hilarious. Only Kerry and Gore would use such a word such as "oleaginous." Edwards has a way to blast against the nasty comments by opponents, but in words most understand. Wonder if W knows that word means?

More buzz l8tr...

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