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Thursday, March 08, 2007

JRE Buzz: Healthcare Plan on DVD Sent to Iowans

From Aaron Myers this evening on JRE blog:

Greetings from Chapel Hill HQ. During a staff meeting yesterday, our crew watched a DVD that the campaign is mailing to Iowa caucus-goers. Families around Iowa will be seeing the video this week -- and you can watch it online here. The video describes John Edwards' plan for true universal health care.

Our new DVD will arrive in 70,000 mailboxes bundled with details of the Edwards health care plan. It's a great package -- showing a real plan to guarantee health care to every American. (Right now, 47 million Americans have no health insurance at all -- 265,000 of them in Iowa alone.)

Unfortunately, we can't mail a DVD to all of you. We can certainly put the video on YouTube. Have a look.

We know that many of you are curious to see what happens here at HQ. I'll do my best to snap photos more often. And we'll introduce more of the staff (and our great local volunteers). Stay tuned on the blog. And thanks for the energy you put into the campaign.

My reaction to the YT?

My investment in this campaign is worth every penny of this video on YT and DVD. I hope Jackie and others in Iowa will invite others they meet tomorrow and Saturday to tell them to open this mail package, review the video, and really see this candidate with an open mind with a plan for one of the top 3 concerns they have.

The first of it almost sounded like a negative ad because of the music, but when the contrast came JRE explicating his plan for action on the problem, it clicked with me and kept me focused.

However, what resonated was the end, and I confess I got teary-eyed, is the man who remarked,

He keeps talking about the right and the truth, and uh while we haven't heard that in quite awhile.

And I think he would be the one that everyone could say, 'Hey, that's my President' and really mean it, and be proud of it."

Sounds like an Iowan and the rest of us. Iowa ground booters, get out there in this better weather to help get his message out.

JRE in Iowa tomorrow and Sat.

Different way to get message out as nearly 80% of Iowans have DVD players. I bet only a small fraction read the net. I wonder how this will work in light of teevee ads, and how the teevee stations will cover his town halls?

Stay tuned as there will be more buzz l8tr..

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