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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bloggers are Changing the Political Scene

I read with interest this post from the Press-Enterprise about a blogger named Citizen Kate. She apparently went to the California Dem Convention, even though she is from Chicago. She somehow obtained CJ credentials.

Now, I don't know how accurate this article is by Michelle DeArmond, but here are the lead paragraphs:

Dressed in a low-cut leopard-print dress and matching headband, amateur journalist "Citizen Kate" drew lingering looks and laughs when she lobbed her first question to Sen. John Edwards at the state Democratic convention in San Diego.

"Oh me?" the young blonde giggled, waving and smiling after Edwards, a candidate for president, called on her.

"I was wondering if you know what it takes ... to be a great leader in this country?" she asked.

Then it was reported that Citizen Kate said she was noticed because of her dress.

Citizen Kate says she's proud she caught Edwards' eye at the state convention -- and she's pretty sure the dress helped.

Doubtful. I know Edwards and it has nothing to do with the dress. But he appreciates the netroots very much and is their leading candidate.

Read the rest here for yourselves.

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