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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Al Gore Wows the SLA Crowd

Many BW readers may know that I am a librarian by profession. This year, I missed an opportunity to see Al Gore speak at the Special Libraries Association, and by all accounts, he was a smash with the librarians.

A few snippets from the SLA blog:
Al Gore gave an impassioned and engaging talk at this evening’s opening general session. He really tailored his talk to our group by specifically mentioning the role of libraries and information technology/info mgmt in regards to the environment, government, politics, etc. He called himself a “recovering politician” and of course he was asked the big question about running for President. (Basically said that he hasn’t ruled it out and emphasized that with our current political structure that he can do more good outside of public office.) He really gave a great presentation and worked in the kinds of things important to special librarians (freedom of information, saving libraries, etc.) He received standing ovations and smatterings of applause throughout his speech. It was like a librarian revival meeting. He talked about Iraq, personal stories, anecdotes and kept information technology/information management as the important link to addressing critical issues like the climate crisis and government issues.

And this I got through an e-mail:

Speaking before a full room of some 4,000 information professionals Gore said, "What you're doing (as info pros) is so crucial to the future of our country."

Gore concluded his inspirational, and often humorous, presentation by urging audience members to become deeply involved in helping countries around the world with navigating matters of information access. He asked that they continue to participate with SLA in shaping sensible information policies involving the Internet, including issues of net neutrality and free access. Speaking about the future of information, Gore said America's strength and competitiveness in the 21st century will depend largely upon a free flow of information that will ensure the best policy choices possible. At the conclusion of his talk, Gore received a standing ovation from the audience.

I had looked forward to seeing Elizabeth Edwards speak at ALA on Monday, but the campaign switched her schedule. It's too bad. She would have been a good speaker and her appearance had been publicized for months as well as in this month's American Libraries. I guess I'll be seeing her on Jay Leno instead.

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    Glad, she got recognized in both senses of the word.

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