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Sunday, June 03, 2007

David Bonior Speaks in NH Through Bullhorn

From Blue NH:

I'll have a more general take on today's state convention soon, and Dean was there as well and I imagine will be focusing on the senate race. But there's something to be said right now.

It was disappointing and a little embarrassing to learn that for its state convention, the New Hampshire Democratic Party used a non-union sound company. John Edwards' campaign manager David Bonior vividly drew attention to this by delivering his remarks through a bullhorn rather than through the offending sound system; Paul Hodes followed by acknowledging organized labor and calling for people to buy union-made products and services.

Hiring a non-union company goes against the basic ideals of the Democratic party and it will be simply unacceptable if next year this serious error is not rectified. Speakers at next year's convention should plan to inquire ahead of time about the sound system and, if it will not be run by a union company, all speakers should make arrangements for bullhorns.

Thanks to David Bonior and the Edwards campaign for highlighting this, and also to Paul Hodes.

Pic is obviously not Bonior, but what a great idea.

Quick thinking on JRE's staffers' part.

More bullhorn buzz l8tr as we await the CNN Debate in NH this evening, 6CT.

Update: John and Elizabeth Edwards Have Arrived at the Debate Site, 3:00.

Look for me on the DU and DK later, but I will try to post highlights on BW.

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