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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards and Kate Michelman Team Up In Iowa

This just in from the Des Moines Register:

Edwards and Kate Michelman, former leader of NARAL Pro-Choice America, spoke to the Iowa City crowd about "issues important to women." Among the topics: workplace equality, health care, global warming, abortion and stem cell research.

"I'm doing this campaign for two reasons," Edwards said. "John needs to be president. The second reason is that I know he will be president."

Michelman, a longtime women's rights advocate, defended her decision to campaign for John Edwards instead of Clinton.

"This was one of the most important political decisions I've made in my life," she said. "I was one of those poor single moms with no job and no health care. I was on welfare.

"John Edwards is the one and only person who has made it his mission to pull these women up."

We also have a report by Runaway Rose, who saw the duo last night in Davenport:

"What would be her big project as First Lady? (Family comes first, with young kids! In addition, set up a mechanism to help military famiilies, who often feel they dare not complain. [THAT got my sister's attention, she's ex-Army herself.] Support medical research in general and breast cancer awareness. Educational opportunities for ALL children.)

How about educational opportunity? (Early childhood help, more equality of funding accross school districts, change NCLB from punitive to remedial, more attention to trade training and unions, college for all) ("This country was made great by people who work with their hands - it was not made great by investment bankers.") My sister is in college and has children in college; she was strongly interested in this discussion.

So to this blogger, Elizabeth and Kate raised quite a few points about women's issues. I suspect Mrs. Clinton will be discussing them again now that Elizabeth said that her husband is more vocal about women's issues. But I would like to know why Mrs. Clinton allowed the burning of tires by International Paper, as I reported at Taylor Marsh yesterday. That's not looking after women and children.

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