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Monday, July 02, 2007

The Irony from SiCKO and F 9/11

I'm wondering what Michael Moore is thinking with this AFP piece I grabbed from Raw Story:

Private equity heavyweight The Carlyle Group reached a deal to buy US health care firm Manor Care, Inc. for 6.3 billion dollars, the companies announced Monday.

Washington-headquartered Carlyle has agreed to pay 67 dollars for each. Manor share in an all-cash deal that has been approved by Manor's board of directors.

The deal is just the latest to be initiated by Carlyle, one of the world's biggest private equity firms. Private equity firms specialize in taking public firms private, overhauling their operations and then typically try to take them public again for a handsome profit.

Irony of a group that the Bush family has business connections (whether to Bin Laden or not) related to the 9/11 tragedy are now buying nursing homes.

No really this could be called "sicko". But it is business. I get it, but I guess our health is to be judged by accountants and doctors who are paid bonuses for saving money. Librarians do it every day in saving money for companies, but we are not enough. Like Michael Moore, I hear the stories.

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