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Friday, July 20, 2007

Madison is a Cool Town to Visit in Summer

I'm sitting in JT Whitney's Pub as I type this message. It has good "Badger Ale" and an awesome Internet Jukebox. I've not seen one of those before, but I've been told it's been here for 3 years.

It's beautiful outside, but I don't have a bike to ride on this fine day on the many bike trails Madison has. But I got a little adventure/tourism in this afternoon.

I stopped by a place called Mallatt's Pharmacy. It is a funky place. It sells some drug store items, but also wine/beer/liquor, and get this, one can rent costumes or buy them, including all of the encoutriments. The folks are friendly and knowledgeable about the community, and there were many locals in there, getting their costumes lined up either for a summer party or Halloween. The employees offered advice on make-up that they sell too. Cool.

Anyway, I asked for an address for the First Unitarian Church as I knew Frank Lloyd Wright had designed it. Not only did the pharmacist I asked give me the address, she also gave me the address to the Jacob House nearby that was also designed by Wright. She told me there were renovations going on at the Church, and sure enough, she was right. I popped those addies in my GPS and both places were easy to find.

The Church is bigger than I expected. I guess living in a big town and not a small city has conditioned me to smaller UU chapels. I could not go inside the place, but through the glass windows, I could see the elongated pipes of the pipe organ. I'm certain it's a very spiritual place. Maybe someday I'll come back and go to a service there.

The Jacob House is simple, but I like the shrubbery and the flowers, along with sweeping pines around.

I look forward to seeing more Wright architecture this weekend. We're supposed to go out to Spring Green and see his estate.

More vacation buzz l8tr...on the road with Benny.

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