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Monday, August 27, 2007

John Edwards at the Livestrong Forum

John Edwards spoke at a forum in Cedar Rapids this morning sponsored by Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation, and MSNBC. Each candidate was given about 35 minutes to give an opening statement and answer questions by Lance and Chris Matthews. Edwards, the second candidate, got the loudest applause coming on and leaving the stage. It was clear that Edwards had command of his statistics and introduced the facts by asking a question of the audience: how many had been affected by cancer, either through family or loved ones? Most of the 1000 there raised their hand.

More JRE buzz l8tr...

pic courtesy of the Livestrong Foundation

Update: video of the woman JRE spoke of in the cancer forum. She had to take $50K out of her health care to survive 8 months of chemotherapy and being a single mom of 4 teenagers.

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