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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Yearly Kos is a Political Junkie Heaven

BW readers,
I'm sitting at the JRE booth, and it is pretty clear that Edwards has a lot of supporters and interest in his campaign. Right now CNN is filming us, NBC is coming by a little by.

On Thursday, Catchawave and I helped Tracy and Amy Rubin at the exhibit booth. They set up as a conversation area, with inflatable chairs, ottomans, and a couple of couches with plenty of JRE stickers, both for labels and cars. We had quite a few who signed up for the e-mail lists. Only a few weren't sure whom to support between Barack and John, but many took the lapel sticks and put inside the back of their badge holders since they often flip around and anyone would know they supported JRE. Had a few interesting questions regarding the goal of our presence. Figured that was not my pay grade so I referred them to Amy and Tracy.
Been interesting to see the movers and shakers floating around the Exhibit area. Saw Sirota, Stoller, Josh Marshall, Bowers, Juan Cole, etc. I also met some congressional candiates' online directors, and one candidate himself, Rick Noreiga from Texas. I was introduced to him. He may be leaning Edwards this time around. Media Matters was behind us, The Nation to our left (lol) and SpeedUs (Communication Workers Union group, which believes Edwards is closest of all of the candidates to their position on Net Neutrality). Obama's camp was a couple of rows back. They had quite a few go by, and my understanding is that they got more donations today--via selling T-shirts. SNARK.

Catchawave and I talked to so many bloggers who said that they were sick of a broken healthcare system, many felt that they were an accident or two away from sliding into the ditch, thus what Edwards has been saying is right on. We finally met Spaceboy and Jessica, both MyLeft Wing bloggers. They thanked JRE for going to help Ned.

I will have a full report later, but I do know that John Edwards booth was considered the best of the conference.

Last night, I volunteered to help live blog the netroots candidates reception. It was a blast. I met so many good progressive candidates and their chances of winning are very good for 2008. But the big surprise was meeting the Man himself: Kos.

I thought his family was adorable, and he agreed. I think he liked my t-shirt. It reads "Support the Troops" on the front, and on the back, "End the War".

BTW, John Edwards will be walking the picket line with the Unite Here workers at the Congress Hotel at 12:30, then he will be here in the Presidential forum. I'll see him at a breakout, so hopefully I'll have some pics and buzz for you later. Also hope to see Taylor Marsh.

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