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Saturday, September 08, 2007

John Edwards to Hillary Clinton: We Shouldn't Be Taking Lobbyists' Money

Today JRE was in NH to formally accept his endorsement from the Carpenters' Union. In addition to thanking the Carpenters and his usual spiel of being for the working man and woman, he took the speech a step further in how he intends to be the one to change our government.
The former North Carolina senator accepted a major union endorsement while insisting that no Democratic candidate legitimately can promise to change America without swearing off special interest money from federal lobbyists. New York Sen. Clinton has refused to do so.

"When it comes to the existing lobbyist game, we've got to end it and not defend it," Edwards told more than 700 members of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters union.
Apparently, Senator Clinton felt differently and said this last weekend:

...Clinton stood by her husband and said, "I've learned you bring change by working in the system established by the Constitution. You can't pretend the system doesn't exist."

Edwards fired back with this response:
"Senator Clinton is right. You can't pretend the system doesn't exist. But you can't also pretend that it works."

Read the rest here from WBZ News and watch the video clip of JRE speaking passionately about this and more with the crowd. Apparently, he was given a few standing O's and lots of praise through loud applause.

For other news and live streaming of JRE from a house party tonight, go to JRE's NH place at 6:30 ET tonight.

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