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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Clover SC Native Hits the Trail for John Edwards

Good morning, BW readers. As we all know by now, JRE finished second in Iowa. My initial reaction was disappointment and maybe fearful, but after conversing with Larry Kissell (who is running for NC-08 and I donated to his campaign), Larry was right: the Iowa election signaled that the American people are ready for change. Obama just had more money, and combined with Clinton, outspent JRE 4 to 1. Clinton came in third. Obama did some horse trading and maneuvering that I thought was awful, but he won. And that's that.

But I wanted to share a bit of a story about a feller who is from Clover, SC, Rod Pursley, who went to Iowa right after Christmas and canvassed, phone banked, etc to help GOTC. Here's something from the Enquirer-Herald in SC:

Pursley, a Clover native who works at the University of Virginia, spent eight days in Iowa talking on the phone and braving 20-degree weather to knock on doors in a grass-roots effort that helped Edwards secure second place in Thursday's Iowa caucuses.

Helping a candidate who had 20 percent of the funding the two front-runners made the experience worth it, Pursley said.

"I just felt it was really important for me to put my money where my mouth (is)," he said.


Although he was disappointed Edwards didn't win first place, Pursley said he considers Iowa the calm before the storm for the Edwards campaign. As he drove into York County on Friday, he was already thinking about the South Carolina Democratic primary, which he'll help with on the weekends.

The Carolina primary is on January 26th.

Dedication amongst the JRE supporters. Sometimes dedication is worth a lot more than a loot of money.

Onward to New Hampshire. Video clip below of EE rallying the troops yesterday morning.

JRE skipped the fancy 100 Club dinner where it was the Obamafest to begin with, and instead spoke to 550 regular people.

Debate is on at 7:45 CT on ABC. I'll report more news as it comes along today.

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