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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John Edwards: America's Hour of Transformation is Upon Us

I just watched JRE on TV, announcing that he has suspended his campaign. It appeared clear that he made his decision yesterday afternoon and evening, when he called the other two front runners. He said Clinton and Obama have pledged to JRE that they will make ending poverty central to their campaigns, and if one of them is in the WH, they will make it central to their administration.

He still talked about the cause of poverty and not to turn away from the 37 million whose children go to bed hungry at night. We do not turn way from those who wish to organize as union members when they have been bullied by corporations.

Touchtone comment:

"Your country needs you. We need you, even if the government has turned its back on you, and it has turned its back on you. We have an American house to build. "

JRE mentioned that on the way to the announcement that he stopped at a bridge where 100-200 people were homeless and slept every night. A minister was there to help give comfort, and needed money to do more for them. And in speaking to those homeless, one woman begged him, "Please don't forget us."

I don't doubt he will not forget us. And John and Elizabeth, and in the name of my parents, especially my Mother, I will continue to march with you to end poverty and dream to bring two Americas into one.

I'm certain that BW readers want to know why I think he decided to suspend the campaign, other than the obvious that he was outspent and the media blackout that happened, especially when he told Fixed Noise it was not a legitimate news outlet nor would it be fair and balanced when it came to the debates.

Here's the reason, as exemplified in this quote:

It's time for me to step aside so that history can blaze its path.

That says it all.

As for me, I will not endorse any candidates. JRE will still get my vote on February 5th. But my blog posts will now be more about the One America and I will be holding the other candidates accountable to their pledge, and will comment throughout the campaign about it. I wish them well and luck. They will need backbone and courage to make it through, and help make the party unified.

Godspeed to the Edwards family, and I'll be watching for them too.

UPDATE: Transcript of his speech can be found at the Daily Kos.

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  • I hope to see JRE playing a key role in the next administration.

    You worked really hard on behalf of his causes. One result of that was that I voted for him. I'm not sure I would have had you not been blogging.

    By Blogger Chancelucky, at 9:35 PM  

  • Your vote still counts, CL, and don't let anyone suggest otherwise. He can still gather delegates...he just won't be campaigning like he did.

    I don't know if I can thank you on behalf of JRE for voting for him, but I can say you made a good choice. He drove the discussion, and always believed in the bloggers to be part of our democracy--in getting heard.


    By Blogger benny06, at 9:58 AM  

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