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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Clinton's Still In the Game

It's in the 4th quarter, but Clinton came back with wins in Rhode Island, Texas, and Ohio.

Good for her. She had Bill out in all of the rural areas in Texas, and she won votes that way. She also got the Latino vote. She won San Antonio, which she needed to squeak her by.

Congrats to Obama in winning Vermont.

But I gotta tell ya, neither come close to John Edwards. My heart and mind are with his ideas.

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  • Hey, Benny,

    Nice to find a fellow Edwards supporter out there.

    I'm blogrolling you in honour of Blogroll Amnesty Day, could you blogroll me too, please?

    Come by and check my bona fides at La Casa de Los Gatos and CultureVultures, where I blog as ThePoliticalCat. Many thanks.

    By Blogger ThePoliticalCat, at 7:14 PM  

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