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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Arizona Cardinals' Owners are Scrubs

Figures--McSame's team acting like the Chimp-in-Chief's administration.

The Arizona Cardinals are trying to "protect the nest." This means they'd like University of Phoenix Stadium to continue to sell out, and to do so with as few opposing fans as possible.

In the past two seasons, there was little concern about this since the team sold out every home game. But with ticket sales a bit slower as the third season approaches, the Cardinals are requiring fans who want to buy tickets to the Dallas game on Oct. 12 to also buy tickets for the Aug. 7 exhibition opener vs. New Orleans. Cardinals fans have "created a decisive home-field advantage" the past two years, and the team wants to keep it that way by discouraging single-game ticket sales to Dallas Cowboys fans, team spokesman Mark Dalton said.

Source: Yahoo! Sports

Oliver Willis will probably favor this idea along with one of my Steeler-fan friends.

I've been told that bundling is not unusual, but I think this takes the cake since only the Cowboy fans have been singled out. Of course, the half full glass says this is good for the Saints.

GO POKES! Beat the hades out of the Cardinals on October 12th.

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