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Monday, July 14, 2008

Elizabeth Edwards' Thoughts on Tony Snow's Passing

Elizabeth penned a column for Newsweek that was published on its website this afternoon. Elizabeth shares her vulnerability with readers with this way (just as she did last week on Talk of the Nation:

And when he died, I cried. I know I cried not just for him, but-filled with fear-for myself as well. The diagnoses of our cancer recurrences ("recurrences" being one of those misnomers we simply endure) tumbled out upon one another by days, and I felt-and feel- connected to a man who loved what I loved, although we came to nearly every argument from opposite corners of the ring.

Last week-when Tony was still alive and I was not so afraid-I rode my bicycle in a small Fourth of July parade at the beach to which we have gone for close to two decades. When I got to the celebration and stepped off the bicycle, an older man approached me. I hope you are doing well, he said, and then he added-oddly, it is more often the case that people do feel obliged to confess the gap between us-"although we don't agree on much of anything." I thanked him for his good wishes and then I added-as I often do-"and I suspect we agree on more than you think.

In tying the piece together, about two very different people politically, Elizabeth finds the common ground:

Tony Snow has died. And lots of people who valued the same things Tony did-a family well-loved and work well-done-have died and will die of colon cancer, those who have preceded Tony and those who will follow him. Can't we start with something easy on which we can agree? That no one should die of a disease we can find and stop? And when we agree-and agree to do something about it-then we can move on toward those fault lines, like Tony, not taking no for an answer.

Elizabeth's transparency is something we all could use a little more of, and she was the perfect person to convey her thoughts about Snow's passing.

(h/t Oklahoma Voter)

RIP, Tony Snow.

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  • Wow, my daughter was at a volleyball camp at Davidson this week, Tony Snow's alma mater. Strange how the Edwardses and Tony Snow have connections to the same state. I guess it was also Jesse Helms's state too.
    I agree with Elizabeth Edwards, as I do on most things, we're losing the gift for finding common ground with one another.

    By Blogger Chancelucky, at 4:34 PM  

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