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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mrs. Edwards, the Net Searchers are Looking for You

I was looking at the hits from the Sitemeter, which keeps track of the latest 100 hits BW gets. This is the picture that seems to resonate with them.

In case BW readers don't remember, it's from Glamour magazine when she was voted one of the Role Models for Women last fall.

She still is a role model. She's human, but discrete, a great mother, wife, and public servant.

And she is also grace under fire. John Edwards and his family need her. She is their rock.

And she is BW's pillar of strength. Thanks to go to Elizabeth for making us stay strong for ourselves, our causes, and for her. I still will be talking about healthcare more than I will be about illicit affairs told by indiscrete women (and men).

Her next upcoming appearance will be on the Stand Up for Cancer telethon on September 5th.

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  • You are so right about the many people with Mrs. Edwards. Following the sadness and disappointment, many people have or will return to believing in Senator Edwards’ work on behalf of those who don’t have a voice.

    I suspect that no one in the public eye, whether a politician, actor, musician, etc., is ever the person (good or bad) he or she appears displayed through that limited lens. We are all complex people with both wonderful traits and human flaws. How many of us could emerge unscathed if under constant scrutiny for every word and action in our lives? We should each put ourselves in that position, remember we all make mistakes and can only ask forgiveness for our failures.

    In the world of tabloids, 24 hour news and talk radio, I’m sure there will continue to be questions. People will dissect every word of Senator Edwards’ interview and statement. People will continue to ask the questions he already answered and speculate further. People are already questioning Ms. Hunter: Was she the source of the National Enquirer stories? If so, why? Why won’t she consent to a paternity test and why is her sister quoted as demanding one? And so on.

    Ultimately, Senator Edwards faced the camera to answer questions but more importantly he faced his wife and family long ago. It is entirely Mrs. Edwards’ decision to forgive or not. And while likely difficult, she has done so. For the rest of us, that should be the final word except to wish them well in the future, whatever that may be.

    By Blogger indyvoter, at 11:35 AM  

  • And I hope Rielle Hunter will be a good mother to her daughter.

    By Blogger benny06, at 8:14 AM  

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