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Thursday, July 31, 2008

John Edwards Buzz: Half in Ten Goes to AARP

Yesterday JRE spoke to the AARP Forum on Poverty and Aging. Fellow blogger Edgery from the EENR blog attended the event and jotted a few notes on the EENR blog:

In introducing John Edwards, Nancy LeaMond (head of the AARP Foundtion) said,

"John Edwards exemplifies the values Bill Anderson advocated throughout his life for our nation's most vulnerable people. ... Bill Anderson was a Legal Services attorney who was once accused by opposing counsel of being 'overzealous' because of how hard he fought for his client. The case was over just a few hundred dollars but Bill understood how important a few hundred dollars were to his cllient, an older woman. ... Bill approved of John Edwards' willingness to speak out on poverty and economic security when no one else would."

This notion, that John Edwards has stood up for the issues of poverty and economic justice when no one else will, resonates strongly here at EENRblog and it is repeated now regularly by the media. Others talk about the different aspects and possible programs; Edwards brings it all together with a clarity that unique.

The theme of today's speech can be summed up in two words "Remember Us." He told about finding the people sleeping under the bridge in New Orleans last January on his way to where he would that he was ending his presidential campaign, and the older woman who said to him as he was leaving, "You won't forget us, will you?"

AARP Radio also interviewed him. Here's a link
to their blog where there are YT clips.

As usual, the idiot paparazzi was there too, more interested in whether or not he was at the Beverly Hills Hilton last week instead of asking him about poverty or Half in Ten. (I'm not posting a link to that story, just trust me that I read it). He told them he didn't have time. I don't blame him. He was rushing to get back to Chapel Hill to celebrate his and bride of 31 years' anniversary, but I'm certain the media didn't get it that was one of his reasons.

Happy Anniversary John and Elizabeth. I've been working on a YT, but my learning curve is steep. For now, I'll just post a pic of you two and just imagine Nancy Lamott singing an obscure Gershwin tune "Ask Me Again."

Here's some champagne for two of the most selfless but high profile people I am blessed to be acquainted with.

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  • The press entourage reminds one of the tale of "the boy with the golden goose." Golden goose, keep laying those golden press eggs.

    By Blogger oneamericarising, at 7:38 AM  

  • The AARP is becoming more and more influential. This is an excellent group for Edwards to talk to about his Half in Ten initiative.

    It is such a shame that important issues are being overlooked on the internet because of tabloid gossip is getting more attention.

    Edwards was right that there are people we must not forget about.

    By Blogger bettync, at 7:50 AM  

  • So what happened to the talk about JRE maybe being Obama's running mate? It seemed unlikely, but I thought it was pretty intriguing.

    By Blogger Chancelucky, at 9:32 PM  

  • CL, I don't think Obama really considered JRE as VP, regardless of the situation, and JRE wasn't all that interested either.

    By Blogger benny06, at 3:32 AM  

  • I have a comment re: wheither JE was at the hotel or not. I will be as respectful as possible. I began following politics after the 2004 election. I didn't like the direction the country was going and I wanted a leader who would change directions. I voted for Kerry-Edwards. I spent more time listening to their spouses than to them. I liked both Teresa and Elizabeth and trusted them to let me know that their husband's would lead our country out of the dark ages. They did a great job in letting us know about their familes and their beliefs. I voted for them.

    When it came time to pick another candidate I had a lot of information about them and I liked all three. I picked JE because of his populism and work with the poor. I am a Social Worker after all. I decided to support him and his ideals. He was the first candidate I supported financially.

    Now comes my comment. I don't know if the stories are true, but if they are, I feel like I paid for a defective product. If they are true, he knew he couldn't go the distance. Wheither he was conned or this is "mistress revenge", he had to know it would catch up with him. If these stories aren't true, he needs to surface and explain. 1. Was he at the hotel at the time in question? 2. If he was, why? If he wasn't he needs to tell us that also. At that point it will be for others to prove he was there. He can't hide forever and he can't be an effective advocate without answering these questions. He can't go on TV and advocate for anything with this over his head. Even MSM can't bring him on without asking the questions. He will cease to be effective.

    Those of us who trusted him and gave him money deserve some kind of explanation. We need to start holding our politicians accountable.
    The stakes are high in this election and the oposition will use this 24-7 just like they did for Bill Clinton. We will end up with more Republican rule and people will get hurt and die. The sick will go without health care, children without food and education, endless war, and on and on. It may not matter that he isn't running for anything. "Guilt by association" works well for the Republicians.

    An anticipated response is he didn't do it or it's none of my business. As I stated before I don't know wheither or not he did it. I do feel that those of us who invested time and money in him deserve an explanation from him. Any other product we would buy would come with buyers remorse. You buy a product with certain expectations. If the product is defective or doesn't meet those expectations you have a right to an explanation or your money back. I gave him money and stood behide him at an event, just 5-days before he suspended his campaign, where he stated he would stay in the race thru the Feb. primaries. Several of us felt sure he would get at least 15% maybe more and we would get a chance to go to the convention. Then he quit. We knew he wasn't going to get the nomination. We didn't expect him to quit on us. He told us he wouldn't.

    A comment to JE if he reads this blog. If this is true, please show the courage to not put your wife and children on the stage with you as you explain. I'm getting tired of seeing these women, who did nothing, put on public display.

    Again, I mean this as a comment as to how I feel. I'm not accusing anyone of anything. Thanks for listening.

    By Blogger oklahomagirl, at 2:44 PM  

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