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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

John Edwards: True to his 5'2" With Eyes of Blue

In the past two days, the National Enquirer, aided and abetted by plenty of freepers, as well as Hillary supporters and Deaniacs who are still incensed by Edwards' support of Barack Obama, is spewing out plenty of fiction about John Edwards and a woman he once contracted in some video production in 2006. Granted, they don't overly lie about everything, but this one deserves a lawsuit.

This is the second time the NE has spit out this story. While many local stations and blogs are taking the bait in using this as reports for this nonsense, it is because it is a slow news day for them and perhaps the NE is encouraging them to question John Edwards, considering that the VP vetting is taking place as I type this post.

Out of respect to Elizabeth Edwards, whom I consider to be an acquaintance and who has been here to comment a couple of times, I stayed silent about what I read yesterday. But to quote JRE and the late Rev King Jr, "silence is betrayal". I felt I had to speak out and debunk the asinine mistruths about John Edwards in this instance--and why I think the NE should retract its story, apologize, and turn the page.

I have met John Edwards up close five times, and another time at the Harkin Steak Fry, whereby I was supposed to have my picture made with him and Elizabeth before the speeches of all of the Dem candidates (except Dennis K), but it didn't work out for them or for me in our timing.

Elizabeth and I met up close in 2006, not long after I had a conversation with her spouse. Elizabeth knows I met with him because of the poverty band I gave him, and she also knows we spoke privately in the presence of a staffer in an undisclosed location. JRE was willing to meet with me, but I decided on my own not to disclose where I met him in order not to make the local papers. My conversation with him was private, which is what I wanted. And I found him to be an excellent listener.

Thus, I just gave BW readers a clue: JRE generally doesn't meet with women alone. He has a staffer with him most times. Maybe he didn't in this instance, but maybe he did, and we haven't heard about it.

and this:

JRE has denied these smears and called them what they are..tabloid trash.

More debunking l8tr...

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