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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Will Obama Listen to Benny and Steve Clemons?

Gov Bill Richardson has withdrawn his name as nominee for the Commerce Secretary post. That's fine, he probably did the right thing in order to save Obama a little embarrassment ahead.

So who should Obama pick instead?

Steve Clemons (of the Washington Note) and I agree on a choice: Leo Hindery, Jr. He was John Edwards senior economic advisor on his campaign, and has been CEO of several businesses, and yet feels strongly about good corporate citizenship. Trade is part of the Commerce Department, and if Obama says he will redo some of the Trade agreements, then Hindery is a good pick to work with Secretary Solis (if confirmed) of the Labor Department.

Maybe Obama should read It Takes A CEO by Hindery and this article Hindery penned 18 months ago @ the Politico.

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