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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Update on Elmora

She was spry today, despite her two teeth being extracted. If anything, she was hyperactive, which is why I had to keep a close eye on her.

She's still in a bit of pain, and the pain med is working. While she despises getting treatments, she is doing pretty well. She's hungry, which is good. I am feeding her Fancy Feast, and giving her an antibiotic in her meals twice a day.

Her kidneys are on the decline, however, and it turns out dental problems are connected with kidneys in pooties.

She's my girl, and has been my friend for 15 years. She's moved with me over 8 times.

The expense of the vet was not cheap for a geriatric profile, teeth cleaning, extraction, and meds--they were to the tune of $530. I worry I may not be able to do as much for her due to payroll checks with no increases for the immediate future, and a spouse who may have to take a job out of state to keep his career going.

But I tell my spouse and myself:

Pets never ask for toys, cars, electronic devices, nor clothes
Pets never ask to go on a vacation, nor for extraordinary experiences that take time and money
Pets do not eat the most expensive foods nor ask to go to restaurants
Pets do not need to go to college or school
Pets do not need to eat out of the best dishes, nor do they demand you clean up after them

Thus, while their vet bills are expensive, they are worth to do what's right for their health. The presiding Vet called my home to see how things were going with Elmora and Syd. Great customer relationship management practice, and I mean it.

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