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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards's Soundbite on Healthcare

From the Boston Globe:

Q. How has your illness shaped your views on healthcare

A. We have to have universal healthcare. I grew up in a military family. We grew up with a single-payer system. You went to the doctor when you got sick, the doctor took care of you, and you went home. And nobody paid for anything, and it just operated that way. And it operated well. There's certainly a lot of good reasons to go to single-payer, but I don't think we have the will to do it in this country.

Amen, sista.

Update: Elizabeth will be the keynote at the National Patient Advocate Foundation's 10th Annual Patient Congress on June 25th. NPAF is a national non-profit organization that seeks to safeguard patients through effective mediation assuring access to care, maintenance of employment and preservation of their financial stability. The annual congress is a two day event to give advice on how to lobby and actually lobby members of Congress on health care reform.

If Elizabeth is reading BW, I say "You Go Girl!"

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  • sA strong voice (other than lobbyists) is needed on health care, especially before Congress. I'm glad that so many Senators and Congresspeople are discussing health care but am a bit dismayed they are all over the board.

    Ultimately, they are going to have to come together for a workable solution and do so fairly quickly. If they drag the effort out for months, it will die under its own weight.

    For those individuals against a public option, I would ask: Who are you willing to leave without health care? Without a public option, they are saying health care is a privilege for those who can afford it or have it provided by their employers. In the United States, health care must be a right for everyone - no exceptions!

    By Blogger indyvoter, at 12:36 PM  

  • Agreed about health care should be for everyone who pays their share, and especially for the poor, who cannot.

    By Blogger benny06, at 5:40 PM  

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