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Monday, August 31, 2009

Skunks Show up again at Fixed Noise

Jed L had a good video clip of the lying pack of skunks, saying that Teddy compromised with Bush on the bad prescription bill in 2003.

When Dubya did an about face on the bill, Teddy railed at the GOP.

This was one of finest hours and one of my fondest memories of Teddy.

JRE also railed at the lobbyists that same day. He was the sole candidate for President who didn't duck this vote and run off to New Hampshire or Iowa, such as the way Lieberman did.

Well, my apologies to skunks. They were born that way. Fox News commentators were not.

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  • Benny,
    Two questions:
    1. Why do you comment on the Fox News commentators when doing so only gives them free publicity and increased ratings? (you can choose not to watch, you know!)
    2. How does it feel to see the American people finally waking up to see what you Bureaucrats have planned with government-run healthcare? (17% drop in approval for congress & the One)
    Just wondering.
    -- NOISE

    By Blogger TedNugent, at 2:43 PM  

  • TedNugent,
    Two questions:
    1. Why do you comment on this site when you have nothing of value to contribute and your rantings are not respected by anyone reading them here? (You can choose not to access the site, you know!)
    2. How does it feel to be a tool of the lobbyists orchestrating the lies about health care reform and doing so in such a morally repugnant way? Just wondering.
    --Thanks again for signing your posts accurately as NOISE - sound without substance!

    By Blogger indyvoter, at 3:34 PM  

  • Skunks are who they are, TN.

    By Blogger benny06, at 5:32 AM  

  • IndyZombie,
    Thank you for NOT answering my questions, however, I WILL answer your questions. (Proving once again who the Drone is in this nation's great battle)
    1. I enjoy finding out (and commenting) what you and your other mindless drones are using as talking points. I don't do it with the intention of enlightening you to objectively see the truth about what is happening to our republic. (As I've said before, how do you convince someone IN the government that there is TOO MUCH government; nobody wants to vote to erase their own means of living) I do it for enjoyment and for a record, so that if your leaders are successful at socializing this once-great nation; then I will be on record as an opponent. As for "having nothing of value to contribute", I say let the readers decide; perhaps there is one who is changing their own mind without waiting on JRE or the ONE to tell them what to do.
    2. I don't know how it "feels" to be a tool of lobbyists since I've never actually spoken with one. Believe it or not, I am a small-business owner who makes up his own mind about what is right and wrong. The only Health Insurance employee I've ever spoken to is my own agent. (who has been notified that if ObamaCare is passed, our contract with them will be terminated).
    Feel free to actually answer one of my questions. I'd be really interested to see your reasonings. Here's another question for you: How did the Feds handle that Cash for Clunkers program in your state?
    --NOISE (sound without substance, but not afraid to answer a couple questions!)

    By Blogger TedNugent, at 12:49 PM  

  • TedNugent,
    One again you don't read your own posts. I didn't answer your "questions" because you didn't direct them to me.

    You and your ilk (including Fox News so it is important to know what lies they are spreading) are the reason we are now seeing incidents of VIOLENCE at the town hall meetings. It is a perversion of the very basis of a democracy the way people opposed to the current administration are acting. (Under the Bush-Cheney fiasco where they controlled access to appearances, no one was physically harming anyone outside despite the illegal actions of these so called leaders.)

    People are being misled by the lies and distortions of the various proposals. Some GOP leaders have admitted they don't want to discuss or debate but only to kill any health care reform effort. Even though you protest too much, you are being misled by the rhetoric of the lobbyists and right wing propagandists leading gullible people to engage in such abhorrent behavior.

    Anyone who says the status quo should continue is out of touch with the uninsured and the underinsured. (Even Bill Kristol, the leader of the original kill health care reform movement, admits the best health care program available is run by the government.) May you never have to be without adequate insurance if you have an accident or illness and learn what so many Americans have been forced to suffer!

    I didn't personally use the cash for clunkers program (I don't drive a clunker) but a few people I know who did were very happy with the program. No doubt you will regurgitate the Fox News line against this program and any other program, current or future, created by the Obama administration. Oh so sad for them and you to have divided rather than uniting to work together but I guess the Bush-Cheney brainwashing that America is all about us verus them was successful. Maybe you all need deprogramming. See if you mental health care coverage will pay for it.

    By Blogger indyvoter, at 1:58 PM  

  • IndyZombie,
    When I read your "regurgitated" response, the one theme that resonates throughout is, "Pathetic".
    How pathetic that your answers to today's issues and how our nation is run are the same answers you gave in the 2008 elections and ever since about November of 2001-- Blame Bush and the vast right-wing media machine (one channel - Fox News)
    It's getting quite tired and, well, pathetic!
    Let's just say you are right and I am a brainwashed zombie tuning into Fox News to see what I need to think and say today. (although I don't even watch cable news!) If so, I am part of a powerless minority. At most, my brainwashed allies and I only represent about 45% of the voting populace. In our representative democracy, you and your independent-minded liberal majority have 60% of our legislative body and 100% of our executive branch in power. I know you don't like to answer questions, but please tell me.. How do we pose such a threat to your socialist agenda. Shouldn't everyone who voted for the ONE and for the super-majority in congress be able to ignore my brainwashed minority? Could it be that the true independent-minded Americans are waking up to reality? Could it be that it's not too late to stop the machine of government before it employs a majority of voters?
    I know you and your government leeches (like Benny) will never see the truth, because it legitimizes your failure to succeed outside the safety net of a government job. But I hope the rest of us will see that America's best hope remains what it has always been--WE THE PEOPLE-- a group of rugged individuals working together to succeed without the tyranny of a bloated government.
    You choose to ignore history, so you will see it repeated as WE THE PEOPLE take back our freedom and crush the machine of government. We will do it one way or another. I'm hoping for a revolution at the polls in 2010, but whenever it happens, there will be a revolution!
    Just think, if you've read this far, then your Chosen ONE's approval has dropped another percentage point!

    By Blogger TedNugent, at 8:54 AM  

  • TedNugent,
    The fact that you resort to schoolyard name calling speaks volumes about you and all the other people inciting violence now. Making sweeping statements about the people you don't know but criticize here highlights your ignorance.

    You want "answers" to bogus questions. I have no socialist agenda so you pose no threat to what does not exist. You do pose a threat to the safety and security of Americans who want to attend a public meeting to hear and be heard instead of being physically attacked.

    You and your like are nothing but bullies because you are so afraid of democracy in action that you revert to disgusting words and actions.

    Further, you know not of what you attempt to speak. You once made a ridiculous comment about checking a website to see how one's social security is performing. (Social security benefits for retirement or disability are based on a mathematical formula and do not increase or decrease with stock market, bond market or interest rate fluctuations.)

    Unless you want to educate yourself, you will only continue to prove yourself a fool each time you post! Of course, you are sound without substance which is inconsistent with education.

    By Blogger indyvoter, at 2:19 PM  

  • Hey Ted, You aren't a zombie because that implies you were human once which obviously isn't the case. Anyone who thinks government exists to protect the profits of insurance companies, oil and gas companies, etc. is a fool. Corporations have no problems looking at for themselves by buying politicians with contributions and later hiring them as lobbyists. It's the average people struggling to make a decent living who need protection from corporate greed. The entire financial crisis is because certain areas of "business" were totally unregulated or what regulations existed weren't enforced by Bush's administration. Get a heart transplant and learn to care about someone other than washed up rock stars!

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 9:25 AM  

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