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Thursday, September 10, 2009

9/11 Memories and What Democracy Means

In a few short hours, it will be the pain grievance of the 9/11 anniversary. Most Americans want the anniversary to continue, if for any reason, to recognize the heroic outfits of the NY Police, the NYPL (librarians)) and NYFD. And also in other places, such as NJ, etc.

I am at crossroads about this anniversary? Why?

Because I've seen from such Freepers in my own family that Obama should have not made the education speech, nor the health insurance one either. I am so sad that some members in my family tree are scared of our President as they don't wish their children to watch his message to be responsible about themselves in schools--meaning education. It smacks to me, and I think my family members who are so conservative, may not understand, I think it about racism.

I said it.

Obama is not a terrorist, as one cuz called him on FB, then removed it. I am glad the cuz did.

But this is downright ugly, and sorry to my cuz, it is potentially racist. I didn't drink the O-bama kool-aid, but I respect some of his positions. Have a good debunking of positions if one needs to, but I bet my cuzs don't know how to debunk.

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