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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Goin Gone

I saw Kathy two weeks ago sing this in person.

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  • 9/6/09 6pm - I just saw this twitter posting "Figure Eight rumor mill: John Edwards has moved his mistress/baby's mama to the Porter's Neck area... a quick drive from his beach house."
    Those of you who live in the Wilmington, NC area probably know where this is already. I goggled this out of curosity. I see there is a golf club named Porter's Neck. I'm assuming this is a private gated community. If this is true why does EE stay married to JE? The man has no shame in my books!!

    By Blogger StandupGuy?, at 4:49 PM  

  • Guess there wasn't much doubt it would happen since Hunter obviously sold the info to the tabloid but you are right about him having no shame. Now the world knows where he'll be spending his time and what he'll be doing with Hunter. (Want to place a bet on how long it will take before she sells pictures of Edwards with the her and the baby?) I wonder if he went to spend the long holiday weekend moving them in and "getting them settled" in the new neighborhood?

    He's disgusting! One good thing is that this should be the end of his interviews talking about how much he cares for his wife or how he only wants to help the less fortunate. He just proved he only cares about himself.

    What a fool to have trusted this gold digger, the fall guy, etc. All the people he trusted betrayed him, which he probably deserves. Elizabeth is the one person he could have trusted and he's betrayed her time and time again for years. I feel terrible for her and her children.

    Good riddance to John Edwards. There is no saving you from the nothing you've become!

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 5:48 PM  

  • My heart breaks for Mrs. Edwards. She’s in an impossible situation with her health concerns and two young children to think of first in any decision she makes. No one deserves what she has been through and no one deserves to be betrayed by a spouse repeatedly as she has.

    Under normal circumstances, most women would divorce fighting for full custody of the children as well as getting every penny possible from the soon to be ex-husband. Of course, these circumstances are far from normal so money likely means nothing to her and the care of the children means everything but she can’t be assured she’ll always be there for them.

    For the sake of those children, I pray arrangements have been made with her family to protect them if she cannot. It must be so difficult for all three children to deal with this situation but especially so for the younger children. Hopefully their emotional and financial futures have been ensured independent of their father. They are going to need so much love and support but at least they have a wealth of other family and friends to provide for them.

    Recently I read an article by an aide to a local politician with corruption problems in which the aide noted politics doesn’t corrupt but rather exposes the worst (ego, vanity, pride, fear, etc.) of a person. The facets of John Edwards that have been stripped bare are sad enough for his public persona but are a tragedy for his family, especially since he doesn’t seem willing to try to redeem himself to them.

    By Blogger indyvoter, at 4:23 AM  

  • Whatever flaws in his character (narcissism, sadism) have been exposed, Edwards is failing not only Elizabeth but their children. They need a father but he’s no role model and will be taking away from them to be with Hunter. He’s turned himself from being a father into being just a sperm donor but unlike the baby, they are old enough to understand. It’s one thing to say we all fall short sometimes but it’s another to continue the behavior. As they see his true nature in the pain he continues to inflict on them, they will turn away from him. That is if he hasn’t lost them already.

    The children are watching Edwards make these terrible decisions hurting his wife more as she’s trying to find her own way. He tainted the opening of her furniture store and now her appearance at the literary festival later this week. (Hunter will make sure the tabloids have pictures for another cover story this week!) He could give Elizabeth a break and put her first just once.

    He keeps causing Elizabeth such anguish and creating so much stress that can’t be good for her health. Instead of caring for her, he’s taking care of Hunter! It’s been well reported that Hunter was talking about the affair to everyone and is the reason it all became public. Even the tabloid admitted it was her emails that first confirmed the rumors.

    The tabloids usually have a field day with the other women in these cases. (Even Spitzer’s hooker had her life story told in print and she was just one of many doing her “job”.) Hunter’s past should make a great story for them but they don’t touch her because they won’t bite the hand that is feeding them. She destroyed everything Edwards had and yet he still looks out for her. Unbelievable!

    When the affair originally was confirmed, someone studied Edwards’ schedule and figured out his only opportunity to hook up with Hunter near NYC where she was living at the time was May 22-23, 2007 when he was in NJ and NY fundraising, giving a speech and appearing on television. Exactly 40 weeks later, Hunter gave birth. 40 weeks from now there will probably be a new baby brother or sister.

    It has to be a gated community so they can hook up with fewer eyes watching. That means it’s also incredibly expensive . . . half a mil or more homes. Quite a change for a used up cokehead who has never had a real job in her life!

    It was also incredibly quick if she looked at houses after testifying before the grand jury early in August and she’s already moved. (When Edwards talked at the store opening about moving furniture he must have meant to relocate his mistress. Hunter’s website said men are good for three things: Penetration, moving heavy objects and causing enlightenment. Edwards has taken care of the first two but not sure anyone could enlighten her wasted life – unless enlighten means provide financial support.) I wonder if Edwards bought the house, had the person who has been supporting her for him buy it or is just renting it. Hunter will also need expensive furniture and a fancy new car, etc. Edwards is going to be paying for a very long time. (Elizabeth should stop payment on the checks!)

    Hunter isn’t going to be happy in NC with a disgraced politician who exists only as a punch line for late night comedians. She’ll demand more and more money. Since Hunter has no marketable skills and no inclination to get a job and Edwards has no prospects for employment, they are going to run through his money while he drives back and forth across the state spending time with his two families in his two Americas. Then she'll write her tell all and release her videos.

    Edwards will be lucky if he doesn’t end up doing time over the misuse of campaign funds, too. What a mess! Edwards, Hunter and Young all deserve the humiliation and anything else they suffer. Elizabeth and her children don’t deserve any of the pain but they are paying as much or more than anyone else.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 8:00 AM  

  • Whether Edwards is one of summer’s losers or not, the story has two things right. It is hard to watch anyone self destruct and worse to see a family devastated. (By now the family has probably accepted that the ugliness will continue to play out in the tabloid even though that is cruel beyond comprehension.) Also, Elizabeth Edwards is okay and has so many admirers and supporters as you can see by the comments to this post: Resilience by Elizabeth Edwards.

    Edwards created a situation he cannot end. His lies and Hunter’s exposing them by selling her story means any interview or statement he makes will automatically be suspect. If he’d only told the truth from the beginning, there would have been so much less pain. Yet if only he’d been faithful to his wife, there would have been no pain. The clock cannot be turned back and Edwards will not do the right thing so the pain grows.

    Her husband may see both their marriage and his affair as relationships he can leave and return to repeatedly on his whim but Mrs. Edwards has set a strong example for her children. Most people cannot imagine remaining in this marriage; however, they aren’t in her shoes. Whether she chooses to stay with this man or not, may she find peace for her children and herself.

    By Blogger indyvoter, at 2:27 PM  

  • Thanks Indyvoter for your thoughtful comments. My guess is EE has decided and will plow ahead regardless of the tabloid stories. I read on a different website - - the comments of Fortunate_Son who says Hunter is not the one selling the stories but my guess she uses her "friends" to do her dirty work.

    By Blogger StandupGuy?, at 5:40 PM  

  • I agree that Hunter has been behind most of the stories published or broadcast. Here's one plausible scenario:

    Edwards did end the affair at the end of 2006 but Hunter (maybe through her friend Young) kept contacting Edwards. Like the fool Edwards has now been exposed to be, he reconnected with Hunter. Either to get back at Edwards for dumping her once or to ensure a financial future or both, Hunter got pregnant intentionally. Then she had the ultimate hold over Edwards. Hunter and Young both saw big money in their future but only if the rumor was out there. Hunter began spreading word about the affair to her "friends" and that type of gossip wasn't going to remain secret. Fred Baron came to the “rescue” of both Hunter and Young with big payoffs. Either the payoffs weren't big enough and guaranteed or things just got out of control and the lid blew off the affair and the cover up. Baron died and the money to Young dried up so he went the route of the book deal. Hunter was still being paid by someone but it wasn't enough for her. Throughout the whole ordeal, the volume of information, the accuracy, the details provided and pictures/videos could only have originated with Hunter. If she gave friends access to these things and they sold them against her wishes, she wouldn’t have continued to communicate with those people. She probably didn't sell directly to the National Enquirer and the tabloid TV shows that pay but had her family and friends do it so the money trail wouldn't lead right to her. Likely she got the money under the table.

    It’s why Edwards is a complete loser for maintaining any contact with Hunter. He sold his soul for someone who betrayed him while he betrayed Elizabeth, her children, his parents, other family and friends. Now he’s going to continue to have Hunter in his life since it’s not like Edwards can pick up an 18 month old who doesn’t know him from her mother and waltz out the door for visits. Edwards may think he’s controlling Hunter in some way or just likes having a sycophant around him but she’s going to make the rest of his life pure hell.

    If Hunter thinks she has what she wants and cuts off the tabloids, they may turn on her. With her salacious history there is an opportunity for someone to make big bucks exposing her and she deserves it. Unfortunately, it will also hurt Elizabeth and her children which is the real tragedy. (Wouldn't it be rich if Elizabeth, perhaps through her friends, put the truth about Hunter - or as much of it as her husband has told her - out there?!)

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 7:15 PM  

  • Anonymous - I enjoyed reading your scenario. But, maybe there is a different scenario and let me say I'm no fan of Rielle Hunter or this type of woman.

    Since, JE has shown repeatedly that he has told many lies to cover up this affair, I think JE was the one pursuing RH. According to RH, he promised to marry her, even planning what music they are going to play at their wedding but things got out of control when RH got pregnant. I agree the baby was no accident - in fact maybe they planned to have a family especially since she got pregnant after it was announced EE's cancer was incurable. Whether RH made the decision by herself to have the child or as was leaked to the NE, JE begged her to have the baby.

    Maybe they are two lovesick people who met and are attracted to each other as this was going on for more than 2 years. RH's friend said they met in February 2006 and they still were involved in July 2008 when JE was caught in the Beverly Hilton hotel "visiting" RH. Andrew Young was also involved in this ongoing affair covering up for JE even before JE/Fred Baron started the cover up, hush money to hide it from everyone and most certainly from EE.

    JE's behavior towards RH just seems like someone who is "in love" as he continues to keep RH and Frances in his life and it seems to me he treats them better than EE and their kids. He certainly didn't have to move them to NC to be a part of his daughter's life. Right now RH is doing the things to keep JE in her life. Time will tell if RH was just in it for the money or if this was "a love story gone bad".

    By Blogger StandupGuy?, at 10:24 AM  

  • Here is a nice article about EE's Red Window. John was minding the store on Saturday:

    By Blogger StandupGuy?, at 10:36 AM  

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    By Blogger Anonymous, at 12:58 PM  

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    By Blogger Anonymous, at 1:02 PM  

  • Sorry - computer problems. Let me try to post again . . .

    I agree there could be many scenarios and most of them don't make complete sense. In the post-Gary Hart/Bill Clinton age no one with a single functioning brain cell would begin an affair while preparing to run for any office . . . especially President! For whatever reasons beyond just narcissism, Edwards began an affair anyway.

    I can't imagine he told his wife about a one night stand while intending to continue seeing Hunter. He has shown repeatedly what a weak person he is in dealing with the mess he created. He's also clearly displayed his first line of defense is to lie and lie big - no little white lies for him! It seems reasonable he was lying to Hunter as well as his wife but he's the only one to know the truth if he can still distinguish the truth from his lies.

    The other woman always thinks a man who would lie to his wife would never lie to her. From the few cases I've seen personally, the men lie to the other woman even more than to the wife. When the other woman finally realizes it, she is shocked. Duh!

    Maybe it’s love but then why would she keep feeding the tabloid or let her friends do so? She's shown she can cut family and friends out of her life easily enough. If it's love, would she sell him out the way she has? That would be a pretty sad definition of love.

    Maybe he's in love with Hunter or maybe he's afraid of her. The full extent of what he said, did and the details of the cover up aren't public. I wouldn't put it past him that he foolishly still believes he can contain some damage. He could also be hiding behind Elizabeth to keep Hunter from pressuring him to marry her. (Hopefully Elizabeth has made arrangements to keep Hunter away from her children now and in the future since this pathetic person would only cause them so much more pain.)

    Whatever his thinking he is treating Elizabeth, Cate, Emma Claire and Jack horribly. He isn't showing them or the memory of Wade any consideration at all. Edwards doesn't seem to realize how much damage he is doing to his family in trying to protect himself or that he's destroyed himself so thoroughly he doesn't have any farther to fall.

    Going from running for President to selling furniture is a pretty drastic change in circumstances but at least he was doing one small thing for Elizabeth on one day.

    Time will tell and I hope it tells Elizabeth she has a long, happy life with her children ahead of her!

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 2:13 PM  

  • The tabloid stories hurt EE and family more than it does JE. EE's attitude to ignore the tabloids is what's best for her sanity and health.

    I've read on the Huff Post and other blogs where commenters think EE was involved in the cover up of the affair & love child during the campaign. I don't believe that for a minute. I'm guessing but EE is still in the dark to certain arrangements JE is making with RH regarding visitation. I can't imagine having my husband paying child support which I'm guessing is hefty - the house, the monthly expenses for the house on top of child support and a car to drive and the expense with the car... If they've really moved to NC already, well RH's living "the life of Reilly" - my mother use to say this.

    By Blogger StandupGuy?, at 3:05 PM  

  • BW readers--I appreciate comments and I hope having Benny's World helps you vent both your frustration with John and your empathy towards Elizabeth.

    I'd like to make two comments and I hope these aren't comment stoppers, but I think I should mention a couple of thoughts.

    When I posted this song, I did not think of John and the other woman or Elizabeth at all. I was thinking fondly of my spouse and when we saw Kathy Mattea do this song in person a couple of weeks ago. She is such a talented singer and she has recorded so many wonderful songs like this one. So, if you thought I was thinking of John and Elizabeth (or as EE calls her, "the other woman"), this was not my intention. And my apologies in advance to anyone who may have misunderstood.

    This leads to the second comment. Railing at John may be therapeutic for many readers. I don't completely understand all of your emotions, but I recognize they are real. Please bear in mind that Elizabeth does drop by here once in awhile, and I think she would say she wouldn't know what to say about all of these comments that are times incendiary towards John (and of course, towards the other woman, but that I can understand if you have been a victim of infidelity).

    Personally, I continue not to be disappointed in once being active in John's quests for the Presidency.

    Some of your comments such as which readers who leave URLs of news (or reports) which update the community, I appreciate those very much.

    Let's just keep Elizabeth's feelings in mind when we are frustrated with John and especially Frances Hunter's mother. EE is choosing to stay with John and John is helping her with her store. But Frances the child is real victim here. And we still don't know really what's up and up with the Hunters. We can only surmise Frances' mother is very self absorbed thus extremely opportunistic.

    Thanks and we'll continue to read and learn....just remember resilience in our lives with voices for the have-nots and for government to work better for all of us, when needed. We also can send some thoughts to our leaders, which we try to do a little here too.

    By Blogger benny06, at 3:34 PM  

  • People here, unlike some sites, seem to genuinely admire Elizabeth Edwards. Perhaps the comments stem from the fact that it is difficult to see someone of whom you think highly hurt by circumstances beyond anyone’s control but far worse to see such pain inflicted by others.

    Mrs. Edwards has been rather open about both her disappointment in her husband and his responsibility for his actions. She implied in the Oprah interview she has asked herself many questions trying to understand what happened and why.

    People struggle to understand forgiveness of the most egregious trespasses as evidenced by the headline news whenever someone stands up in court to forgive a loved one’s killer. Often we have an easier time forgiving those who hurt us than those who hurt others. Most of us could not endure what Elizabeth Edwards and her children have been through. The choice is entirely up to Mrs. Edwards to forgive or not. Her decision is an admirable testament to her resilience, strength and devotion to her family – maybe even more so in deciding to stay than to walk away.

    The little girl is a victim and her entire life will be negatively impacted. Publicly the paparazzi will hound her. Privately she will face the fallout of both her parents’ actions. Eventually she will learn the truth, which is going to lead her to ask questions with answers that can only be painful for her.

    Mrs. Edwards and her children are victims, too, but in the end there are no winners. The comments here may be wishes for Mrs. Edwards to continue to find joy as expressed in this article on the literary festival.

    By Blogger indyvoter, at 3:04 PM  

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