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Friday, February 05, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards Supporters Group at the DU

Well BW readers,

I went over to the DU this morning, and it appears that Skinner renamed the JRE supporters group to the Elizabeth Edwards Supporters group. The group didn't lose any content either.

We love Elizabeth!

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  • Elizabeth should know many people support her and believe in her ideas. Apparently all the ideas from the campaign were hers anyway - way to go Elizabeth!

    I do feel bad for Elizabeth and her children with all they've had to put up with in the past week from the "rat fink" (per Chris Matthews) and the video.

    Now Hunter's estranged sister (who called Hunter a black sheep and admits the two haven't spoken in years) is selling an interview about how Hunter still loves Edwards and believe they will be together. If these two are still together, I can't help but wonder if they both aren't intentionally torturing Elizabeth. I get Hunter doing so but Edwards owes her better. He hasn't treated her decently once so it's a fantasy to think he will begin now.

    Finally, the Nat'l Enq. now says Hunter used fertility drugs to get pregnant and trap Edwards. I guess if he wants to be with her, he gets what he deserves.

    Whatever (divorce, etc.) brings Elizabeth any measure of comfort, she should go for it!

    By Blogger JeanLouise, at 12:09 PM  

  • That's funny. A friend of mine who'd been to one of his campaign appearances in late 2006 said she saw RH's sister standing next to him as she shook his hand. So either RH has more than one sister, she has called a girlfriend "her sister", or she's lying.

    Despite what she says, she cannot love JRE. She cannot love anybody. Why? Because sociopaths CAN'T love.

    They sure know how to talk a good game. They know how to craft a great game between the sheets. They know how to make themselves into the perfect partner for their target.

    But love has NOTHING to do with it. The sociopath only has two desires: sex and control.

    Whatever you think about JRE, he did NOT start out this way. He started out a decent guy who knew how to love and be a partner. Yes, the political ideas and brains were mostly Elizabeth. So what? They put their talents together to make a team. Like husbands and wives do. If anybody overlooked EE's being the real talent, it was the media. Being commercially correct still, unfortunately, requires you be a little bit sexist.

    One last thing: hanging out too much with sociopaths can make you act like one yourself.

    By Blogger Frances, at 5:36 PM  

  • Yes, Hunter has more than one sister.

    Here is some of Young's dishing on Hunter to tell you more about this freak:
    -details about Hunter’s extravagant spending, like a $28,000 BMW with a sunroof and premium sound system
    -a spiritual adviser—“a guy called Bob”—who she paid about $200 per consultation, seeking his guidance on such critical issues as her disappointing Reuben sandwich. (Seriously: she found the Russian dressing “lacking” and called her adviser to ask “whether she should send her meal back to the kitchen.”)
    -She also “requested backstage passes to a Dave Matthews concert,” then “practically tackled Matthews when she saw him,” prompting a member of the band’s staff to call Young and tell him Hunter “had ‘weirded out’ everyone backstage.”

    She and Edwards deserve the public humiliation but I feel sorry for the girl. She doesn't have a chance of a normal life or even a healthy one with such sad, immoral excuses for parents.

    By Blogger JeanLouise, at 1:34 AM  

  • Hunter uses people (sisters, "friends", etc.) to send messages to Edwards. Her sister admits that Hunter threatens to go public if she doesn't get everything she wants. She's telling Edwards if he isn't with her now that he's separated, she's going to talk.

    I don't doubt she used fertility drugs to get pregnant because the child gives her that "power" she wants.

    She's mentally unstable (calling a guru to see if she should send a meal back - really?) and Edwards is not only a fool but will continue to be miserable if Hunter is a part of his life. He should have listened to Elizabeth and had no direct contact with the "crazy slut" as he called her.

    Hopefully Elizabeth has made sure her children will NEVER have contact with this freak.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 12:39 PM  

  • JeanLouise: Interesting how it's the estranged sister (not the one still in contact) saying RH still "loves" him. Without a tone of voice to go on, my first impression of this is that she's saying it like "poor deluded fool; she still thinks she has a chance with him".

    She's telling Edwards if he isn't with her now that he's separated, she's going to talk.

    The chutzpah! That's not love, that's a THREAT.

    Let her go and talk, John. What can she possibly say now that hasn't been revealed already? You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by letting her hang herself. Hell, she may even get herself declared an unfit mother, and you can raise Quinn to have a much better life than she would have had.

    Besides, your aide's book isn't even in the top 25 on either New York Times or Amazon, and that's WITH all the publicity. How could her own tell-all do any better?

    By Blogger Frances, at 3:55 PM  

  • I think Edwards has a couple of threats Hunter is holding over him.

    First, he delusionally still seems to think he can have some public role. Until he realizes that is entirely out of the question and he has reduced himself to a punchline, he will continue on the path of lies, deceit and cover ups. His "friends" enabling him by speaking on his behalf are only making it worse for all involved.

    Second, Hunter could certainly reveal more personal details of what Edwards said and did that would be embarrassing publicly and privately. (His relationships with his older children likely are irreparably damaged and could be completely destroyed if they aren't yet.) Who knows how many other intimate videos and pictures Hunter has but I wouldn't put it past her to sell them.

    What Hunter doesn't realize is the tabloids will turn on her as she shuts off the stream of stories. (I suspect both Young and Hunter have been selling information, perhaps indirectly, to pressure Edwards to get what they want.) Just as there wasn't much publicity about Young until he was selling his book proposal, there hasn't been too much detail on Hunter. The tabloid must have known about the claim Hunter took fertility drugs but didn't print it until she cut them off. They'll go after her and reveal everything. I wouldn't be surprised to see a book on her, which sadly she would probably love.

    The fallout for Edwards, Hunter and the Youngs are no less than they deserve. The sad part is the pain Elizabeth and will feel. Even the baby is going to have a lifetime of pain - imagine knowing your mother took fertility drugs to get pregnant by a married man in order to get money and then the man denied paternity for years. She doesn't have a chance.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 7:31 AM  

  • John's problems aren't so different from an alcoholic who has to hit rock bottom to realize he needs help. If the court fight over the sex tape - proving it exists - isn't rock bottom, I don't know what is. Perhaps when Cate, Emma and Jack refuse any contact with him, he'll get a hint. (Tough love can be the only way to get through at times.)

    John is mentally ill and in serious need of extensive therapy. For the sake of his children, I hope he gets help. If he won't, Elizabeth should ensure the children are protected from him in the divorce. (They need parents not what John has become.)

    By Blogger JeanLouise, at 12:03 PM  

  • Maybe it's mental illness that causes him to be delusional. In his statements when he confesses - first to the affair and then to paternity - he states how sorry he is. Does he really think anyone believes him? His actions speak louder than any words and by treating Elizabeth and her children so badly, he demonstrates a lack of any remorse.

    He does need to wake up and smell the coffee. Maybe the rock bottom for him will be when Hunter destroys him and it's really not that much farther for him to fall, although I suspect he has yet to realize it.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 2:35 PM  

  • Don't sell John short in the stupidity category. Who would have thought he'd be dumb enough to have an affair while running for President? If he was going to, how stupid to pick a freak telling everyone about it? In the 21st century, who is so ignorant as to have unprotected sex? How colossally stupid to make a sex tape that the tramp keeps? Once she got pregnant (fertility drugs or not), why would he think he could buy his way out of it, especially with Hunter and Young who could never have enough money? Then what kind of idiot continues to meet with the mistress after the tabloids have started chasing him? What imbecile thinks he can continue to lie both publicly and even worse privately to his wife and children thinking the truth won't come out? What a total loser to beat his wife?! Why would he then trawl the bars trying to pick up women and think that wouldn't be sold to the tabloids? Now he probably thinks he can string Hunter along and she'll wait forever.

    Oh yes, there is much more to come out about the stupid things he has done and continues to do. If this story were a novel, no one would believe it. Way to go John! You are officially the dumbest politician of all time!

    By Blogger JeanLouise, at 3:29 PM  

  • You left out one very revealing story about what John has become. According to the police reports when he took Elizabeth's wallet and cell phone in Oct. 2008, the police called both his cell and her cell but he wouldn't answer either one. Elizabeth gave them the address he was living at in Chapel Hill so police went there. His vehicle was there and a light was on but he wouldn't answer the door. Hiding from the police is such a stand up thing to do! (And there would be no need to hide if he'd done nothing wrong.) I hope he returned the items quickly but I doubt it.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 5:23 PM  

  • I wouldn't be surprised at all to find that JRE has developed a mental illness, or that he's been on drugs. I think what he has undergone is a lot more serious than merely "letting the little head do the thinking". People just don't change personalities like that, unless something unusual is going on.

    When they raided James Arthur Ray's room at the Sedona sweat lodge last month, they found that he was taking almost as many supplements as Suzanne Somers: testosterone, finasteride (which inhibits the breakdown of testosterone), human growth hormone, Arimidex (which is an estrogen inhibitor normally given to women recovering from breast cancer) and several other hormones, including the testosterone precursor pregnenolone-- the complete list is here.
    It's been suggested that this cocktail of drugs may have interfered with Ray's judgment and spurred him to act recklessly. Moreover, he did NOT use a certified endocrinologist; he relied on a mail-order physician who runs a website called "All Things Male", aimed at keeping men in a state of youthful vigor.
    And all that is NOT counting Ray's experimentation with ayahuasca, and even possibly using it on his seminar participants.

    Especially if the bit about RH using fertility drugs was true, I have to REALLY suspect JRE was doing something like this. A website similar to this may also have supplied female hormones to keep women "youthful" and fertile. And you may not have necessarily needed a prescription or health insurance to get this stuff-- James Arthur Ray didn't, and he's far less wealthy than JRE! They could have even found out about such a website from whoever was supplying Elizabeth's cancer drugs.

    It would all make sense: JRE not being himself and not acting with informed choice, a misguided "personal development" orientation, a strange and even "cultic" relationship between him and Young.
    Self-help by itself can alter personalities and rend families asunder, and I can certainly see Young encouraging his boss to go into "personal development and spiritual growth"; people who do are by and large NOT losers, but intelligent, already successful professionals.
    The drugs, if there were any, would have been an ancillary feature. Certainly, it sounds as if JRE listened to everything Young had to tell him, because we trust wholeheartedly what our best friends have to say; and if Young happened to be recommending to his boss a hormone regimen to stay youthful and energetic, JRE could very well have eaten it up.

    By Blogger Frances, at 10:00 AM  

  • I just finished Andrew Young's book on John Edwards and I think that Elizabeth Edwards suffers from (rather serious) mental illness. Young does not say this or even imply this in the book; it's my own interpretation.

    I followed the 2004 presidential primaries closely as a supporter of Wesley Clark and was not very impressed by either of the Edwards. The book changed my view of John in a positive way - he's far more interesting, complex and even "nice" than he comes across in media. I don't know if it's my background in mental health, but my view of Elizabeth is that she is (at least) delusional and a person with serious demons. I do not understand her appeal.

    By Blogger Connecticut, at 8:06 PM  

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