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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Overzealous DOJ (updated)

Most of the time, the DOJ has some good reasons to appoint prosecutors for white collar crimes. Last year, our former governor in Illinois had 35 charges against him. No wonder there was a hung jury. They are trying Blagovich again, and I think he will walk out of it.

The DOJ has decided that it will have an indictment against John Edwards for accepting hush funds during the time he had his One America PAC. As far as I can tell, the DOJ is using some creative use of FCC laws about money that Bunny Melon and the late Fred Baron gave him to keep his pregnant mistress in hiding. Bunny considered it a gift and paid taxes on it. I don't know what Baron's wife has reported, which may be the crux of the problem.

Personally, if JRE is indicted, I hope he fights this in court. It will dredge up a lot of unpleasantness, but I'd like to see him win, especially since the prosecutor, Holding, is a Jesse Helm appointee, and may have an old vendetta against JRE since he took Helms' seat for the senate. It will take a lot of money to fight, but JRE shouldn't be concerned as he has plenty of that and can make more via his investments.

And I hope the Gold Dust Woman finally gives up on being a normal wife and mother of Jack and Emma Claire. That's not going to happen. I read she is looking for a book deal. Sleezy--just as Andrew Young was in writing "The Politican." It would be nice to see his truth or lies exposed in court, under oath. Both of them have harmed the Edwards family and their friends (and former supporters) more than JRE did in many respects.

there appears to be much doubt that the DOJ can prove this is a criminal case: (hat-tip to NC Dem Amy)

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