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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Investing in Our Public Servants

From today's Sioux City Journal:

War chests fill up in race for Iowa governor

By Charlotte Eby Journal Des Moines Bureau

DES MOINES -- When Mason City Democrat Pat Steinfort mailed a $10 contribution to gubernatorial candidate Chet Culver in March, she wished she could have given more.


Steffen Schmidt, a professor of political science at Iowa State University, compares both big and small campaign donors to "investors" in the political process."Everybody is interested in having someone in office who will do something that improves their bottom line, whether it's teachers' unions, whether it's real estate developers, whether it is farmers," Schmidt said.

Mullin said he can't fathom the type of fundraising event Nussle sponsored, and contrasts it to a recent event featuring former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards that cost $20 per person to attend."We're trying to appeal to average homeowners, average working-class Iowans -neveryday people. And you don't throw $10,000-a-plate fundraisers for everyday people," Mullin said.

That's why I'm a JRE supporter. He appeals to me, just a middle class type, but watching the middle class being eroded every single day, which affects my bottom line too. I have made some modest donations to his PAC and will continue to do so as funds allow. His PAC permits me to invest in the engagement of the political process.

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