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Saturday, June 03, 2006

JRE Buzz

On this blog, I will be starting a new column called JRE Buzz. It's similar to the JRE News Roundup at OAC, but hopefully, I will catch a few things here that haven't been posted recently.

Yesterday, I missed reading WaPo's blog, "The Fix" by Chris Cillizza. His topic: The Friday Line: Listening to the 2008 Buzz. He listed the ones that he thinks are contenders. JRE is in that list. Here's the snippet:

John Edwards: There are two Edwards in this race. One is the inside the Beltway John who has raised little money for his leadership political action committee, eschewed the importance of courting Democratic Party insiders and is seen as yesterday's news in the 2008 presidential race. The other Edwards has spent the past year working to win the support of organized labor, traveling the country to raise money for candidates (more than $6 million at last tally) and bolstering his foreign policy credentials with trips like the one on his schedule next week to Israel. Which one will emerge when the race begins in earnest late this year? We tend to think the latter. And as we have said before, Edwards is the most natural politician in either party who is widely assumed to be considering the 2008 race -- an invaluable advantage.

As my buddy Susie35 says, "kewlness"!

And apparently, JRE was asked to write the introduction to a special issue of a poverty law journal, Clearinghouse Review, entitled What the Federal Government Must Do to End Poverty . Here's the snip from PRWeb:

In his introduction to the special issue John Edwards, the former senator and now director of the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity, says: “This special issue offers several important ideas on how we can restore the ideals of the American Dream by lifting more families out of poverty.” As the premier national poverty law journal published since 1967, CLEARINGHOUSE REVIEW serves many purposes for those advocating on behalf of low-income people. Poverty law experts and practitioners view CLEARINGHOUSE REVIEW as their forum of choice for reaching the audience of antipoverty advocates for social and economic justice.

Sorry, journal is not available online for free, or I would link it. But it is the publication of Sargent Schriver National Center on Poverty Law.

The Carpetbagger Report blog mentions the NYT article from yesterday that "War Handicaps 08 Candidates" and complements JRE for apologizing for his voting mistake.

SEIU loaded their
pics of JRE at the SEIU Rally at Missouri State last week.

Yearnin' to see JRE during the 2004 Campaigns? Yahoo is making good on their offer in their partnership with CBS to load a
bunch of video clips.

More buzz l8tr...

Update on June 4:
Huffington Post, in mentioning a Massachusetts Dem candidate for Governor, noted that only potential 2008 Presidential contenders, JRE and Mark Warner, have invested in their web sites to make them useful and appealing.

OAC reports that JRE is travelling to Israel today through Tuesday. Haven't found any news about it yet, but perhaps there will be tomorrow.

WBT News mentions JRE in a piece called NC Dreams. It has to do with JRE and another person, John Woodruff, who are trying to give students an opportunity to attend college. Readers may not be familiar with JRE's "College for Everyone" program in Greene County, NC, one of the poorest counties in NC. If you made good grades, work 10 hours per week, and can get into a college, JRE's program will pay for the student's tuition at any NC college or university.


  • Very cool, benny!

    Now I have another place to look for JRE news for my own "newswire" compilations at the 'Fanclub!

    Yahoo, Google, Technorati, OAC, here... *facepalm* ah well, it's not like I have a life, or anything...

    I'll stop spamming you now. ;) Night!

    By Blogger machka, at 11:52 PM  

  • Your blogs are amazing technically--and amusing too. I guess Live Journal gives you more tools to work with than blogger, but I don't have time to do much more than I do these days, and blogger is so erratic since so many have blogs on blogger.

    I'm lurking on your blogs, but since I'm not a member of LJ community, I'm not likely to post there, unless you allow visitors to do so.

    Thanks for what you do, Machka.

    By Blogger benny06, at 9:28 AM  

  • Both of my main LiveJournals (the 'Fanclub and my personal blog) are set to allow anyone to post - you'd be posting as an "anonymous" user, and so your replies would be screened (hidden) until I unscreen them - but I'm sure that wouldn't be an issue. ;-)

    The screening of anonymous comments is there more to foil the occasional @$$hat that breezes through. There are some people, believe it or not, that don't particularly appreciate the liberal view. LOL

    LJ does give us a lot of tools to work with - it uses CSS extensively, and is highly-coded - if I had to do all of that by hand, I'd be completely and utterly lost. *grin* They allow a lot of customization, which is what I like.

    Thanks for what you do, Machka.
    *blushes a deep crimson*

    Me? All I do is compile everybody else's hard work into blog entries for public consumption with occasional snarky commentary. It's not all that much hard work, George. ;-)

    Thanks for the compliment, tho. I appreciate it - and you!! =D

    By Blogger machka, at 2:01 PM  

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