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Monday, March 12, 2007

Enter MyDD at Your Own Risk

For three weeks, I have been looking for some data that Chris Bowers at MyDD collected. I asked him about it via e-mail. He didn't respond.

Today I agitated (as I would a washing machine) very nicely about it. Finally, I got this nasty reply back, using the "F" word (no, not the one Coulter used), and scolding me for not finding it through Google. He did provide a link.

So while MyDD, the blogfather of Daily Kos, has some interesting facts and diaries, they also have punks who can be as ugly in their demeanor as Ann Coulter.

Currently I'm doing a write up of political blog discourse for a trade publication. This one is as good as others of not putting on my trusted sites list, but I would say, enter at your own risk. And it is a good example of how dust-ups can happen so quickly.

Update: it occurred to me that Bowers did a poor job of tagging his work. See my response here.

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