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Sunday, April 01, 2007

JRE Buzz: End of March Madness 2007

John Edwards went to three different states yesterday: SC, South FL, and NC. Unbelievable.

And he passed the $3M mark on ActBlue, according to Mike Baker of the AP.

Dr. Frank Lives on the Kos reported that Edwards was on fire tonight too at Yancy's club in Raleigh.

Frank Rich starts the April showers (that really bring May flowers) with this post about Elizabeth Edwards.

When Ms. Couric gratuitously reminded Mrs. Edwards that she was "staring at possible death," Mrs. Edwards countered: "Aren’t we all, though?" It’s been a steady refrain of her public comments that "we’re all going to die" and that she has the right to make her own choice to fight for her husband’s candidacy even as she fights for her life. There are no euphemisms or equivocations in her language. There’s no apologizing by either Edwards for the raw political calculus of their campaign plans. There’s no sentimental public hand-wringing about the possible effect her choice might have on her children. The unpatronizing Mrs. Edwards sounds like an adult speaking to adults.

Good analysis of the article by Maccabee on the Kos. Read the entire text here. Otherwise, will likely re-run the piece on late Sunday or early Monday.

Newsweek also has a piece about private lives in a public campaign. I heard about this article on some FN media watch show earlier today. The pundits on that show were actually supportive of EE's and JRE's actions, albeit I think Tony Snow's public announcement also swayed their consensus.


Elizabeth's diagnosis has made presidential candidates' health a top issue for the first time since Bob Dole ran against Bill Clinton in 1996. Republican front runners John McCain and Rudy Giuliani--survivors, respectively, of skin and prostate cancer--will soon face questions about their own long-term prognoses. Edwards has said he does not want anyone to vote for him because his wife has cancer but says it's appropriate for voters to evaluate how he handles Elizabeth's condition. "When people think about electing a president," he says, "they think about the substance and they also think about what kind of human being you are."

BW readers may note I added another blog today on my blogroll: Georgia Votes Edwards. The blogger notes that JRE will be in Macon on April 14th. She has some nice polling data and information and links to Georgia women's blogs too. As many of you can guess, I have a couple of big group blogs on the blogroll, but I tend to like the more niche blogs more.

More buzz l8tr..

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