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Monday, August 13, 2007

John Edwards on the Road Again

Today, John and Elizabeth Edwards will be on the road again, this time all week in Iowa. According to Tracy Russo at JRE's blog, they will visit 31 places. In an-email, the campaign reported that they are using B20 biodiesel, a cleaner fuel, to run their bus.

I also read that John will be on C-SPAN tonight. Here's what Serb Hall Celebrator reported on JRE's blog this morning:

John Edwards campaign stop in Iowa tonight will be broadcast LIVE on CSPAN (Monday August 13) at 9 pm ET. On Monday morning's Washington Journal program, CSPAN's upcoming program schedule that scrolls at the bottom of the screen indicated the network plans to televise Edwards' appearance tonight in Iowa. One hour before Edwards, CSPAN's listings indicate they will broadcast an 8 pm ET appearance in New hampshire by Arizona senator JOHN McCAIN so if you tune in and see McCain on your screen, there is a chance the Arizona senator's event went into overtime. For those unable to catch Edwards' initial appearance, check out CSPAN.ORG under the TV Schedules link as CSPAN usually re-airs programming later in the evening and also will re-post content on its website for review.

Excellent, BW readers. We have something to look forward on the teevee instead of the usual summer re-runs.

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