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Friday, September 21, 2007

John Edwards Hits Homerun at AARP Debate

I don't have the transcript yet, but from watching the AARP debate, most especially observing the applause factor, Edwards' ideas resonated more with the audience than the other candidates. Will post the transcript when I get it.

Now, to all of you Progressive pundits who think the Senate vote was so important today on today. Here's my response on Taylor Marsh's blog, mainly because I am tired of reading that Mrs. Edwards was sent out to make her husband's comments for him.
Despite TM's high regard for a woman who cannot get to the WH on her own without her husband (and I might add, without Edwards' defense of Bill, which got him acquitted--and how he gained national prominence or at least the attention of Al Gore)and Mrs. Clinton will continue to sell out the progressives to wingnuts via Fox News, and American people alike to lobbyists, it's clear to me that Taylor (and perhaps Jane) does not understand Elizabeth Edwards and why (or when) she says what she does.

I've been acquainted with Elizabeth Edwards (EE as she known to long time supporters) for some time, and I know how she is. Mind you, I am not affiliated with the campaign other than an enthusiastic supporter who is glad that Edwards is taking the side of the ordinary American and for the voiceless, since many of the big lobbyists in the drug, insurance, and pharmas don't give a flip about us, and we know it. Mrs. Edwards speaks her own mind, just as she has jumped on One America's own chat room and started a conversation with anyone who wanted to engage her. EE made a comment on my own blog when I wished her happy birthday. Totally out of the blue, but welcomed. However, I seriously doubt John ever knew she was there or posted on non-A list blogger sites until another blogger brought it up at the One America site.

Mrs. Edwards has been the Daily Kos several times, at times blogging with John, but sometimes by herself (and w/a staffer to do the set up of the diary). She's made comments on the DU as well, and on Jane's blog too. The point that I am making is that Mrs. Edwards has been one of us for a long time, more than any candidate or her/his spouse. So she has been out there long before the last couple of months in defense of the netroots. Moreover, the Edwards campaign hired some very prominent netrooters: Tracy Russo, formerly of the Dem Party site, Joe Trippi, and most noteable, Ben Brandzel, formerly of

TM readers, Mrs. Edwards was never sent out to make the criticism of the ad--and even if she were, it bothers me that TM, Jane and others may be playing into the wingnuts' hands by saying she was sent out by her spouse.

This was the same criticism of Mrs. Clinton in the 1992 (when Mrs. Clinton said she would not be at home baking cookies, remember?), and she was forced to negate rumors for a 60 minutes interview to show support of her husband who had accusations of adultery with Gennifer Flowers, and was third or 4th in the polls in NH at the time. And they turned out to be true. Yet, Mrs. Edwards is supposed to be like Laura Bush and it's OK for Big Dawg to campaign for his wife.

Seems to me there is a double standard here, and I expect more of Taylor (and Jane H of FireDogLake) to dispense repeating Re-thug nonsense, especially John Solomon's articles/blogposts because he might as well be on Fox News. Otherwise, if TM readers believe Mrs. Clinton going on Fox News on Sunday AM is OK, considering that TM and Kos have repeatedly said they doesn't consider it a legit news outlet, then one has to examine the mirror a bit more carefully.

For what it is worth, I did e-mail the campaign and I got a response about today's vote in the Senate. From Jonathan Prince, Deputy Campaign Manager, on MoveOn vote:

"On Iraq, we've seen what Congress' symbolic resolutions get us -- more of George Bush's failed strategy. Congress should be voting to end the war in Iraq, rather than on symbolic resolutions that have no effect."

Clinton may have been there to vote against the amendments, as Dodd, and Kerry did too, but we really should be focusing on getting us out of Iraq. If Clinton (and Obama for that matter) says she (and he) can get Republicans to work with them, then they need to prove it.

Clinton will be on all of the major talk shows. Taylor Marsh thinks that the Clinton camp is already starting the general election. While it's nice the corporate media is giving Clinton air time at once, the timing is quite something else. I think her camp is more concerned about John Edwards. He is still ahead on all of the head to head match ups with the Rethugs, except in Alabama, and at that, he can win the South.

Meantime, check out JRE's Declaration of Independence for Older Americans.

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