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Saturday, September 22, 2007

September via Song: Remembrance of Things Past

Remember that song with my college sweetheart --because of our first date on this date in 1978. And Earth, Wind and Fire's song was popular at the time too. Old sweetheart is a linguist in NJ. He and his parents were great mentors. Too bad I was too young to appreciate all they had to offer, but my family was always in a flux of situations, and I had to be on my own a lot. I thank the government for giving me a hand up during that time for my education, but I also worked to earn my pocket money at the same time.

Back to what I know about myself: I always fall in love in the autumn--summers are great, but fall always felt the best.

My current spouse and I were not far from this pic (shown above) featured on Square State today when I was getting to know my spouse and he was a friend then.

I think JRE was smitten with EE during the fall of 1974, but he took his time not to rush things. He was wise. But EE was bold with the professors at the time, which took JRE's mind towards EE. She was small (meaning not tall) but strong.

I was conceived in October as well, in 1958 as it was lovely then, around Colorado Springs. Maybe that is why I have a proclivity to Colorado.

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