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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tom Petty Rocks @ the Super Bowl

The game is close, with NE in the lead, 7-3.

The star in my view is Tom Petty, whose band is playing most of my favorite tunes. He played "American Girl", "Free Falling", "Stand my Ground", and now "Running Down a Dream", albeit all are a bit rushed. Hell of a show.

My brother who is in the audience must be loving this.

I got teary-eyed during "Stand my Ground". I could only think of JRE. I hope JRE's enjoying his time with his family and friends.

Be looking for the Edwards Evening News for Progress tonight at the Daily Kos. I'll update this thread when it goes up.

Meantime, what did you think of the half-time show?

UPDATE: NE still only ahead by a field goal. Game still close, but the NYG are very hungry for another win.

UPDATE 2: NYG ahead.

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