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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Airbus Contract May Be Deal Breaker for McCain, GOP in GE

The last couple of days, there has been a flurry of news about how John McCain had some influence in the Air Force's decision to award a contract for tanker to Airbus rather than Boeing.

McCain's rationale, according to an AP news report today, was this:

"I saved the taxpayers $6 billion in a bogus tanker deal," he said.

The same report also said McCain has been running ads touting his role in fighting "pork" such as the tanker project. He cited the contract in a recent debate. I guess I missed that comment in the last debate.

I have nothing against the French, and perhaps this is supposed to help heal relationships with them, but we all know they have elected a conservative government in the last year.

I'm not so certain that saving $6B for jobs Americans would like to have and already paid with taxpayer money is going to help Republicans in the GE. As it is, the Gov't reported that 63,000 people were given pink slips in the month of February.

One notch against McCain.

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