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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Voting for the Adult in the Campaign

I voted for John Edwards last Tuesday. Someone has to be the adult.
by dunkelberg
One Citizen's Opinion
by Lee Dunkelberg

I voted for John Edwards.

Because so many Clinton/Obama supporters can only see red instead of reason, I will explain why it was not a wasted vote. Someone has to be the adult.

For one thing, with the Democratic Party's broken primary system, I
could have split my votes. Vote my two-thirds at the polls and the
other third at the precinct convention. I almost did that, but could
not even figure out which one should get the two-thirds.

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Many of us feel like Mr. Dunkelberg, a fellow Texan, who was one of 30,000+ who voted for Edwards anyway and got one percent of the vote.

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