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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

David Mizner Nails It about the Daily Kos

Not Worth the Paper it's Not Printed On

Last year, Markos Moulitsas remained defiantly neutral in the presidential primary. It was a mistake, I felt -- a blown chance for the most influential progressive blogger to help shape the race. I thought John Edwards was the best choice for progressives but realized that strong cases could be made for other candidates. Kos, however, coudn't pick a favorite and, to his credit, articulated his reasoning. He alternately bashed and praised the candidates, reserving the harshest and most persistent criticism for Barack Obama. After Edwards had opted to publicly finance his campaign, Kos said he planned to vote for Obama but retracted his support once he'd determined that Obama was "running to the right of his opponents."

Now, though, Kos is relentlessly pro-Obama and anti-Hillary, to the point where he offers no criticism of him and make serious, unsupported charges against her.

What happened?

Read the rest here...

It appears the DU has turned into the same thing, but at least the admins have been staying mum about whom they support.

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