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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quick Hits for June 11, 2008

EENR launched a new series, Progressive Pages, which is talking to authors about their books. David Sirota, progressive activist and author of The Uprising, live blogged at EENR this evening. He wasn't able to answer as many questions as he was on the road and had to do a call into Rachel Maddow's show, but his answers were pithy.

Quantcast: a website that keeps up with demographics on blogs. Here's the one for the Big O. Tell me if this is what fits the other Big O's demographics in running for president and why he won the primaries.

Obama goofs in selecting Jason Furman as director of his economic policy group. I just hope he's not unwise enough not to invite Mark Penn either as part of the "many voices" group. I've heard in some quiet circles Obama is a closet libertarian in economic policy and it will be interesting how he will make the populist message work in rural areas when the two are mutually exclusive of one another. Mudcat, your phone will be ringing at 3am many times or he will throw you and David Bonior under the bus as Obama did Jim Johnson today.

White suburban women currently favor McCain over Obama. Not surprised. Maybe that will change.

Taylor Marsh has been savaged by her readers for getting on the Unity Bus. That's too bad. She's a smart lady and she started getting on this bus sometime ago when she saw it was better to do that then have the bus leave her behind. I hope Obama's Internet team will reach out to her, but they may not. She and I have had our differences about the Edwardses and their campaigns, but by the by, I think she's gutsy. She's a bit like Clinton in many ways, sometimes she just hears her own drummer, and sometimes she's playing like a full fledged band. I happen to like her and her radio show.

John Edwards to appear this Saturday at a Caregiver's conference near Kansas City.

Best snark video this year: "I'm Voting Republican."

My favorite line:
women just can't be trusted to make decisions about their bodies. Never. ever. ever.

I'm certain the Freepers will have one of their own soon, but at least the Dems were first.

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