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Monday, August 18, 2008

Arson on an Old Mill

When I was a child, I never understood the purpose of fire other than to cook food and be warm. I heard about fires to buildings, mainly out of learning the chemistry and physics of buildings who didn't have proper wiring, or maybe, they did not have enough heat.

Fires as being arsonic were later in my life, especially with Dr. King's movement, but more noticeably when he died. I was not quite 9 when Dr. King was assassinated, but I recall I wasn't allowed to go roller skating from 7-10 on the following night.

Today, a mill that John Edwards worked in as a boy or teen was in flames, but the mill didn't totally burned down. The mill hadn't been used in awhile, and John used it to talk about jobs going away recently. But he worked there, sweeping, and did other odd jobs with his father, Wallace. Hard work. Something about his work is now considered a mockery in lieu of a salacious story about Rielle Hunter, who was an immature woman--and with no dignity towards others.

I hope it wasn't an arsonist act in retaliation to John Edwards or what he stood for.

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