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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Spiritual Literacy for Politicians

Whenever there are shadows and sometimes rainbows in my life, I turn to a tome which I consider an excellent Reference Book entitled Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life edited by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat. Both Brussats (if I'm not mistaken) are in the United Church of Christ ministries, have authored several works, and have presented lots of workshops in helping folks like you and me to explore their spiritual and life journeys.

I’m borrowing a passage from a chapter on Service and the section is on helping others heal. It’s by Wayne Muller who wrote Legacy of the Heart. To me, it seems relevant given John Edwards' personal situation at present.

“The practice of loving kindess must find its root deep within us. The story is told that Mohantas Gandhi once settled in a village and at onece began serving the needs of the villagers who lived there. A friend inquired if Gandhi’s objectives in serving the poor were purely humanitarian.

Gandhi replied:

Not at all, I am here to serve no one else by myself, to find my own self-realization through the service of these village folk.

As Gandhi wisely points out, even as we serve others, we are working on ourselves; every act, every word, every gesture of genuine compassion naturally nourishes our own hearts as well. It is not a question of who is healed first. When we attend to ourselves with compassion and mercy, more healing is made available for others. And when we serve others with an open and generous heart, great healing comes to us. “

Spiritual Literacy, pp 336-7.

For John and Elizabeth Edwards, I hope the universe bestows kindness and openness as they experience more shadows. I know that I have greatly benefited from their leadership service; I will continue to be engaged and to use Elizabeth’s words to me on my blog, Benny’s World, to persevere. Their courage and empathy have brought rainbows to many. We shouldn't forget it.

We still need John and Elizabeth on that wall of economic and social justice--universal health care, cutting poverty half in ten (and mentioned in the draft DNC Platform), getting out of the war, and making our planet a safe place to live in.

Let it be...and blessed be to all BW readers.

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  • Lovely and wise words,Benny.

    By Blogger Jude Nagurney Camwell, at 6:58 AM  

  • Thanks, Jude. To me, it was never about them. It was about what they stood for. Morality reaches beyond the bedroom, and while it needs to start at home, I think the Edwardses pushed the envelope on the issues.

    I wish them peace. And the more vitriol I see about them, it makes me more compassionate towards them. Joe Trippi was a trooper last night to coming to their defense while stating he was disappointed.

    By Blogger benny06, at 8:14 AM  

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