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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Obama Could Almost Win with These Special Campaigners

Last night was the best night in comedy. It was akin to a grand slam in a baseball game. The RNC Convention gave much fodder and then some more to the writers of the sharpest deliverers of irony. No, it wasn't drip drip last night, it was like a transfusion of wit. There is so much to post...and so little space.

I'm posting the opening segment and New Rules segments of Bill Maher's show last night. He was the 4th batter with the others on base: Michael Moore, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert. Later, I will look for Stephen Colbert's and post it as well. I'm not certain the segment with David Patterson will be up as that was the funniest one last evening. I've already posted Jon Stewart, and will update the Michael Moore post with videos later.

Be prepared to have a lot of new laugh lines around your mouth.

Bill Maher is Putting Country First.

Well, I'm not so certain Obama could win with these great comedians, but they are the only ones who can punch at the eerieness of a McSame/Palin values ticket.

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