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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Soured Reporter on the Bus

Who didn't get an exclusive with Elizabeth Edwards. One of the exceptions I will link here as I think many BW readers will see this People correspondent as sour grapes.

Good luck trashing another woman in terminal cancer, chick. Get over it, otherwise. That person would do anything to get the sordid details, but not respect Elizabeth's openness otherwise. Bet that person wishes life and stories plopped her direction, but...guess what, it's not all about that correspondent, as much as she is trying to make it to be about her.

The women interviewers (barring last weekend on Today Weekend) have been the worst about Elizabeth's opinions. They have attacked her mercilessly because I think they are po'd at themselves about similar situations, but take it out on EE.

It's no wonder why I have more male friends than women, but I do have some special women friends from meeting JRE and EE. And always will.

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