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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet Katherine Reutter, Olympic Speed Skater for 2010

Katherine Reutter happens to be a Champaign, IL native. Her parents are first rate, not rich at all, just doing what they can to encourage their daughter to be her best on every front of being competitive. She's a sweetheart, not arrogant at all. Katherine is simply a combination of her parents' looks, more like her mother's, and both of her parents' humility of being a good citizen. But she has her dad's drive to compete in sports; he worked with her day in and day out until it became clear she was ready for athlete camps with professional trainers.

Katherine spent some time with us on my birthday nearly a month ago, and described her working days as an full-time athlete in Utah. She manages a business in a sense in having sponsors, and yet like Lance Armstrong, she has to work out 8 hours each day. Occasionally she has an afternoon off. Today she wanted to go on a bike ride with my spouse and her dad virtually, when I mentioned they were going on a ride-- we spoke via social networking site. I am working as a PR volunteer to set up a fan page. More about that when that happens.

September is the heat of getting ready for the time trials. And I believe she will make the team for Feb.

More later.

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