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Sunday, July 05, 2009

She's gone

This is my about my Mother. BW readers, hope this becomes clear to you.

Elizabeth Edwards realized that her life of what she imagined as a young person was gone and to create anew.

My life has changed many times in recreating the past, and realizing, I have the strength to go on with a new one too. I had some bad/weird things happen to me in the past few weeks, but I feel the need to push forward.

I didn't talk to the sky last night. EE may or may not call it faith. I call it prayers instead in my thoughts. And I think I am about the journey, not about the faith to an afterlife. I am not critical though of EE's faith towards the afterlife, especially being raised that way.

Hall and Oates from the pop days of the 70's recorded, She's Gone.

I thought it was about a big breakup. In truth, I think that is the main topic. But I believe it was broader than just the lyrics presented.

When I had seen that my mother had passed, "She's Gone" was the song which passed through my thoughts immediately. It was supposed to be about a breakup btwn a woman and a man, or perhaps any couple, including GBLT, which it should be in real life . To me, the tune was about losing a loved woman in my life. Broadly speaking, it was my mother, not one who took a hold on me personally, but who loved me, and for eternity loved all of us, including me.

But I felt she was gone.I have to move on. And I will. I love my friends online and those by on FB too.

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