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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Quick Dispatch from Kissimmee, FL

Hello BW readers,

It's been awhile since I've posted. Why? I've been on vacation for the past week. It's been beautiful in Central FL, which is where I'm staying. Been doing Disney stuff, also saw the launch of the last flight for the shuttle Atlantis. Most of my photos are on Facebook since they are mobile, and the computer I am on doesn't allow downloads, so I cannot display them here at the moment. I'll try to get those to my flickr account this evening, then repost them here.

Today Mr. Benny continued doing apps for his job searches, and I took the afternoon off, just relaxing by the pool. The temp was identical for the air and water; about 83 deg I would guess. The sunset was fabulous; it looked like a glimpse of Jupiter, fading into the sunset.

I'll try to post once more before I leave. Meantime, what's on your mind? The flailing Senate health insurance bill? Gitmo prisoners moving to Illinois? Obama's campaign playing Chicago politics with the 2008 Edwards campaign? or something else?

More buzz l8tr...

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