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Monday, November 02, 2009

Save Progressive Radio

Tonight I heard from my good friend Lady Di that her radio show is going to the tea bagggers. That smells.

from Diane Kamp today:

Saturday will be our last show. They will have solid right wing tea baggers all Saturday from now on. So say good bye to any alternative on AM Talk Radio in Gallatin and Park County. By the way, our show had the highest female ratings of any show on KMMSAM. Our numbers were very good. But the new guy is not George Carter. That we lasted 5 years was a minor miracle in these times.

Let's hope we can buy KPRK. Hopefully the Bozeman Community Radio will provide an alternative and allow some real left and labor voices on it.

On to write my book and HBO series, I guess.

Matt Taibbi was fab last weekend. I don't get it.

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