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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teh Bayh-Bye

As just about all BW readers know, Sen Evan Bayh (Dino-Indiana) has called it quits after this year. Lots of speculation about the timing as much as why one has $13M in coffers, has won solidly twice, and waited until nearly the filing deadline.

Well, I'm one of those who isn't going to say good-bye to Bayh as I think he will be back, but maybe for a run in 2016 (which presumes--and I use that term carefully--Obama wins re-election). He's also betting that the left will leave him alone once he leaves.

In order not to pile on all of the negatives, I will say something positive about his decision: I've often thought we had too many career politicians, and yes, including Teddy Kennedy, as well as John Murtha, who is being buried in PA as I type this post. Both were good patriots, but many times, they weren't able to get the job done.

My point being (and at the risk of sounding almost libertarian) is that campaign finance reform won't happen. The SCOTUS made sure of that. Lobbyists will continue to take up more jobs in DC and our voices cannot be heard above the loud music played on K street. So, what is the alternative? Term limits --3 for the House, 2 for the Senate--in order to get rid of the asinine chairmanships that keep Joe Lieberman in charge when he should have been kicked out of the Democratic Caucus years ago.

Evan Bayh may be a career politician too. But yesterday, he activated a self-imposed term limit. That's a good thing.

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    A Congress of career politicians will never allow us to constitutionally term limit them by an amendment. But we can IMPOSE term limits on them by taking these steps in the coming Congressional elections (‘2010, 2012, 2014):

    1. Don’t reelect your Congressman or Senator.
    2. Always vote, but only for the strongest challenger ,regardless of party .
    3. If your incumbent runs unopposed, vote for his strongest challenger, regardless of party.

    If Congress has not passed a term limits bill by 2014, repeat this in 2016, 2018.

    Our only intelligent choice is to NEVER REELECT any of them!

    The only infallible, unstoppable, guaranteed way to get a truly new Congress, AND a new politics, is NEVER REELECT ANY INCUMBENT! DO IT EVERY ELECTION until term limits is ratified. In other words, don't let anyone serve more than one term until Congress passes a term limits bill!

    NEVER REELECT ANYONE IN CONGRESS. DO IT EVERY ELECTION! ... until we have term limits.

    By Blogger Nelson Lee Walker of, at 1:08 PM  

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