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Monday, March 15, 2010

A Couple of Changes at Benny's World

Hi Readers,

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. I've been busy helping Mr. Benny get ready to move to our Plantation, FL rental condo. Takes up a tremendous amount of energy.

Couple of changes at Benny's World in terms of the links. I have added Rep Alan Grayson's website. Alan Grayson is the most progressive member of the House next to Dennis K and supports the public option for health insurance reform. He's also very funny. He did an eloquent smackdown of Sarah Palin recently when she went to Orlando and criticized him. He also blogs at the Daily Kos, which is really kewl.

JREG bit the dust and no longer exists. It appears that JFrew, the blog owner, has redirected the URL to Andrew Young's book, and since I have no interested in publicizing the work, I have removed the link altogether. I'm sorry it went away, but I don't blame the owner either for disbanding it out of respect to Elizabeth Edwards.

In late April, I will be making some other changes to this blog in order to reflect the values of a former Edwards ideas supporter and one that appreciated Elizabeth more than John in the first place. Hopefully, I will have more time to blog then.

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